More Than Just Farmers

As I matured I became increasingly aware and disheartened by many of the inaccurate stereotypes associated with the agricultural community. It Is all too often popularized that farmers are minimally educated elderly men that have an affinity for overalls, straw hats, and vintage pickup trucks.

FFA Officer Retreat Ideas

Are you needing some new ways to bond your officer team or planning your first officer team retreat? Officer retreats allow the team to bond and learn how to work together. Here are 20 creative ways to spruce up your FFA Officer Retreat. 

Meet the Henryetta FFA Chapter

When asked what their next big plans were, it seemed like a unanimous answer from the Henryetta FFA Chapter. To do more, to grow more, and to be more. There is always room for improvement, and they want to continue to improve and grow.

Harris Robinette Beef: Family, Faith, and FFA

It’s more often today that we see producers utilizing grass-fed systems in their aspect of cattle production. What's truly one of a kind is finding a family like the Robinette’s who have self-funded their operation and back it with family, faith, and advocating for agriculture.

Big Hearts in North Dakota

The Iver Hagen- Rolla Chapter looks forward to seeing how this project will grow. They want to be able to help as many associations as possible. This chapter has truly inspired me and I also look forward to seeing how they grow in this project. Thank you to Mr. Fritz and the whole chapter for sharing their story.

Agriculture and its misunderstandings

 Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in the United States that have been around before time. During the Agriculture revolution, many different improvements came along from improving growing conditions to advancing the technologies for farming. With improvements in the industry, this will bring skeptics and misunderstood information that could harm agriculture. People have assumptions about agriculture that aren’t true and affect how many see ag. 

The Best Year Yet

I have yet to meet a little girl at a fair whose eyes don’t light up when they see someone with a crown. This past month at my fair I was given the honor of severing as the second attendant to the queen. The lovely ladies I am serving with are fantastic. The way my county fair does their queen’s contest is a little bit different than others, rather than a pageant we go through a full interview process.

A Senior's Letter to Their Advisor

The owl is a time-honored emblem of knowledge and wisdom. Being older than the rest of us, you are asked to advise us from time to time as the need arises. Your advice is always based on true knowledge and ripened with wisdom. You are not only a teacher and advisor, but a friend and confidant when we need you to deep talks on FFA road trips and everything in between, we know to keep our ears perked for the tidbits of wisdom where they’re least expected.

Iowa Youth Start Their Own Podcast

A group of young adults in Eastern Iowa are getting involved in the agricultural world in a big
way. Taylor Flemming, Amber Friedrichsen, Nathanial Lange, and Carsen Mangelsen launched
their own podcast series in late September called “Current Ag Concerns” or CAC. This podcast
series focuses on topics in the livestock industry and brings these young people together with
professionals from across the state of Iowa and beyond.

50 Ways to Recruit and Increase Involvement in FFA/4-H/Grange

When someone hangs the corduroy jacket up, someone else is going to have to step up and keep the tradition alive someone is going to have to step up and keep the tradition alive. Recruitment is a wonderful way to increase membership.

Once they become members of your chapter/club, many face another challenge. Involvement.

Below are 50 ways to recruit new members and get more involvement from current members.

Turfgrass Management

Welcome to the dog days of summer everyone! While you are enjoying the summer, you may have noticed lush, green fields at baseball stadiums, or fancy lawns at various houses. And then again, with the heat, you may have noticed some yellowing or browning. How do these stay so green, beautiful, lush, and vibrant?

Starting an FFA Chapter

Now I won’t lie, being a new teacher is tough. Being a new teacher and starting a chapter from the ground up, is unimaginably tough. Starting a program with little funding is difficult. Each day is different and faces a new set of obstacles. No matter the obstacle, I can’t express how much I love my job. Especially whenever I watched my students faces light up the moment they put their FFA jackets on.

The One Experience I Never Expected

November 28, 2016, was a day that opened I path I never expected to be

opened. That day was the day I started school at Clark County Jr/SR High School. Clark

County is a very small rural school and as I entered the school and started to get settled

I realized that something was missing.

An Old Hat

n FFA and 4-H I have made so many great memories that I can’t even count them. Some

of those memories I can look at a picture, pin, or degree. Other people can look at a picture or

pin and can understand or even have that feeling themselves. I remember at my first state

convention we were taking pictures with our chapters and all the seniors wanted a senior picture.

Officer Sifting

Anyone who has been an FFA officer has come to the understanding that at times, it can

be very stressful. Like two weeks ago it was a typical officer week with everything going on. My

chapter is the Rigby FFA Chapter and it was banquet week. And with banquet week we know

that officer sifting is coming.

Pennsylvania Agriculture

When we talk about Agriculture, do we really know the information behind it? I am going to be giving some AG-knowlegment to the many men and women farmers here in my beautiful home state of Pennsylvania. This particular blog is on Five of Pennsylvania's most noted revenue generated products.

Letter to all Caretakers

We know your job is hard. You wake up early, get to the barn, check on every animal to make sure they're still happy and healthy, and spend the entire day, and sometimes even night to continue making sure that all is right.