How can i write for raised in a barn?

To become a writer for Raised in a Barn, please send a writing sample to Please keep the article around 500 words and include at least one picture to accompany the story. 

I'm not an ffa or 4-H member, can i write an ARTICLE for raised in a barn?

Yes, Raised in a Barn allows all agriculturists to have their stories featured.

Is my story still mine if raised in a barn publishes it?

Your story will still be yours once it is published on Raised in a Barn.


Can Raised in a Barn Be my SAE?

Yes, Raised in a Barn works closely with FFA members for an SAE which teaches AGvocating online.

What stories won't be published?

Any stories that pits farmer against farmer will not be allowed. Stories that are untrue and based off fiction are not allowed. 

Can my chapter SUBMIT STORIES?

FFA, 4-H, and Grange Chapters are encouraged to submit stories to Raised in a Barn. Raised in a Barn creates a great platform for chapter reporters to publish their articles.