Pursuing A Passion


Growing up on a farm was a life changer, for the better. It's hard to imagine that the "farm life" would have taught me so many real and valuable life lessons. Not only life lessons but life long memories. My family moved to a place called Zena Oklahoma when I was about 5 years old, we had cattle, goats, horses, and chickens. I had daily chores and developed an understanding on why farming is so important. Shortly after moving I began showing livestock, and that helped me realize my calling in life. I wanted to be around livestock more than people and I wanted to teach others everything I knew about the "farm life." I can recall showing my steer at the Tulsa State Fair and having a lady come up to me and ask me when my cow was going to have a baby. The lack of agriculture in this world needs to be changed.

I recently graduated from NEO A&M College and now I'm headed to OSU to pursue a career in Agriculture Communications. I plan to help give agriculture a voice that it deserves and to teach others along the way about agriculture.

I learned to love the land and more importantly love agriculture. Agriculture is what we need on a daily basis to survive. I'm beyond blessed to have learned that at such an early age. I hope that this blog shines a little light on what really happens on a farm. It's going to be informational and fun! Thanks everyone for reading.