An Athlete Versus a Livestock Jock


Athletes and livestock jocks normally don’t get compared. They show a few similarities, like working hard to be the best, traveling for competitions, being super competitive, and all in it to win it. Their differences are what really make these two so unique.

  • Athletes don’t mind being called a jock. A livestock jock would much rather be called breeders or fitters.
  • Athlete’s hair doesn’t make a difference in how they do. A livestock jock knows that hair is life.
  • Athletes wear jerseys. Livestock jocks where a Polo shirt with dirty jeans and a breeders hat.
  • Athletes are covered in sweat after a meet or match. Livestock jocks are covered in hair, paint, glue, snot, and other unmentionables.
  • Athletes aren’t given the opportunity to sit for long periods at a time. Livestock jocks have to sit for a long period of time, usually on their knees.
  • Athletes are shown on TV. Livestock jocks are shown in magazines and on the sidelines of the show ring.
  • Athletes represent a school or team. Livestock jocks represent a livestock company or farm.
  • Athletes wear sweats and shorts. Livestock jocks wear breakaway/waterproof pants.
  • Athletes watch what they eat. Livestock jocks watches what their animals eat.
  • Athletes train with a coach. Livestock jocks are the coaches for the livestock exhibitors.
  • Athletes spend money on shoes and gear. Livestock jocks spend their money on clipping blades, combs, and show sheen.
  • Athletes run after or for something. Livestock jocks run when a mad steer is on the loose.
  • Athletes leave a meet or match with trophies, plaques, and ribbons. Livestock jocks leave a show with recognition and a paycheck.
  • Athletes go home and relax after a long day. Livestock jocks go out and feed their animals.
  • Athletes depend on themselves or team. Livestock jocks depend on the livestock exhibitor.

Though they have some similarities, these two hobbies/careers are two completely different worlds.