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Saddling Back Up After a Fall

Some little girls dream of owning a pony, but some dream of owning a horse. A horse to run barrels, and rope off of. They dream of what they'll name it and the tack they can buy to dress their very own horse up. For Dallis Beckfield she was a horse girl all of her life. She has a passion for equine and loves getting to spend her free days riding. I met Dallis at NEO A&M and after developing a friendship learned of an accident that had almost stopped her from her love. Dallis was participating in a ribbon race with a friend at a 4-H event. A ribbon race is where you and your partner must each hold one end of a ribbon and cannot let go or tear the ribbon. When her and her partner were coming around the end and headed back, Dallis looked over her shoulder to see if her partner had pushed her horse to go before Dallis pushed her horse. When Dallis looked back her horse launched himself forward. This caused Dallis to lose balance. She tried to grab a hold of the saddle and find her balance. Unfortunately it was to late and Dallis had landed hard and fast on the ground.

Laying on the ground Dallis began to feel excruciating pain shooting all over her body. She felt most of the pain in her lower spine, she instantly began to fear that she had been paralyzed. Luckily, there were a ton of EMTs and first responders at the event. Someone even had a neck brace on hand, they kindly put it on Dallis. An ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital. After many hours of cat-scans and X rays, they found out she had broken her left pelvis and fractured her left vertebrae.

Dallis was bedridden for weeks. Even the easiest tasks were impossible. She had to sit in the shower, and was on crutches for a month. She finally was released to walk. A week before she was headed to Oklahoma from Missouri to go to school she was given permission to ride again.

The reason she believes she recovered so quickly is because of the power or prayer. The community was praying for her. Even her pastor came to her, and prayed with her in the hospital.

We all fall, and fail. Life is hard and the way you chose to get through the obstacles says a lot about your character. Dallis could have quit riding and gave up on her dreams. She chose to get back up again and is still riding to this day. She is now pursuing an Equine Management Degree.

She volunteers at a place in Kansas called Horses of Hope. She helps disabled kids find a love of riding and feeling free. She loves to see a difference how people who aren't horse people are helped by horses.

She hopes one day to be a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor at her own facility.

"I love helping other people and being able to use horses to do it, makes it that much better," Dallis says.

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