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Agricultures Beef With PETA

Agriculture has a common enemy, that enemy is PETA. PETA is well-known for their videos of showing “mistreated” animals. This makes farmers and ranchers look like they are torturing these animals. PETA gets its followers by having celebrity endorsements and they use propaganda to help them continue to grow and become a large well-known enemy for farmers and ranchers. PETA does have a dark side though, and doesn’t tell their followers everything that it is about. Being a PETA advocate is a growing trend. These “hipsters” believe killing innocent animals is pointless. It seems that social media has helped millions of people jump on the PETA bandwagon. They argue that being a vegetarian is a healthier lifestyle and we could save animals by just eating vegetables. The meat industry and your everyday agriculturists would disagree with this so-called “healthier lifestyle” trend. Animals cannot go without being maintained. Plus going without eating meat is unhealthy. B12 is found in meat. B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, which is involved in every cell function in your body. So, for vegetarians to be able to get the B12 intake, they must take vitamins.

Animals do not know who their mother is or who their father is, which leads to constant breeding between families. When animals do this, they begin to become inbred and their genetics get out of whack. This can cause three-legged animals, and animals with severe genetic problems. Also, overpopulation can become a huge factor in not eating meat. If we all declined eating meat, the animals would mass produce and we would be outnumbered. So we would be fighting for plants to survive, not only with other humans but with animals as well. This proves how keeping the animal population down is crucial to a sustainable environment, as well as healthy animals.

PETA points their fingers about farmers and ranchers for hunting, fishing, and killing animal for meat and game. They don’t mention that in their “beloved” animal shelters, that people donate millions of dollars to, put down about 97.3% of animals in their shelters. They believe that the best thing to do, to save more animals, is to put down the ones that don’t get adopted or are “unadopatable.” This is all decided in about 24 hours, and 90% are killed within that first few short hours.

Pets are our companions but PETA doesn’t think so. PETA hates the word pet and would be happy if we just let our animals do whatever they wanted, and treated them like human being. “Sure go ahead Fido, chase a car. It’s inhumane for me to leave you in a cage or put you on a leash.” On farms and ranches, our animals all serve a purpose. The cats keep the barn free of rats and the dogs help keep the cattle in line.

PETA has certainly grew thanks to their tear jerking commercials and videos online that makes farmers look like crazy serial killers, which leads to more and more people only seeing one side of this life long debate. Rarely is there a commercial on TV about supporting agriculturists, so this makes it easy for PETA to take advantage and plant a seed in the minds of people who have never been around agriculture about how awful it is to kill animals. Being a vegetarian seems to be more of a trend than anything else, and people should see it from the farmers and ranchers eyes before joining the PETA bandwagon.

Genesis 9:3 - "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things."

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