Dating An Aggie

 As aggies our lives are lived a little differently, and dating can be a little more difficult for those who don’t understand anything about agriculture. We spend most of our time with our livestock, and any free time we have is spent worrying about our livestock or competitions coming up. We spend most of our money on feeding our expensive hobbies. When a non-aggie dates and aggie it can be a real culture shock, and when an aggie dates an aggie there can be some competition. Here are some ways you can tell that you're dating an aggie.

  1. They are tight with their money because hay needs to be bought and they just found a saddle they must have. “Let’s skip going to the movies and get a Redbox dvd instead.”
  2. Their show/rodeo gets brought up all the time. “Did I ever tell you about when I showed my heifer at Denver?”
  3. You have no free time. “Sorry I won’t be able to go on a date for you for the next few weekends. Show season is in full swing and I have a real winner this year.”
  4. You have to go to a show/rodeo to support your boyfriend/girlfriend. “If you don’t show up to my rodeo/show, we are so over.”
  5. Bling is still important to the girls, just in a different way. “Did you see that tack, I need that plus more rhinestones and my initials!”
  6. Polo is a great thing to give for a gift. “Here you go, I bought you some Polo hats, a Polo button up, and some Polo cologne for your birthday.”
  7. You meet their whole family at the rodeo/stock show. “This is my cousin, great grandpa, uncle, mom, dad, and all of my brothers and sisters.”
  8. If taking couple pictures, they must have their animal in it. “Let’s take a picture with all of my cows in the field.”
  9. They will teach you everything they know about agriculture. “Remember, Bovine is the scientific name for cattle.”
  10. They will go out with their belt buckles on. “It’s shiny and perfect for a fancy restaurant.”
  11. Dates can happen in the barn. “My horse is sick and we need to doctor him, let’s just have our date there.”

Dating an aggie that goes to a different college than you is also a pretty big culture shock. I met my boyfriend while attending college at NEO A&M, he just so happened to go to our biggest rival college at Connors State. We were both Agriculture Ambassadors for our schools and we even recruited against each other at the National FFA Convention. Two aggies dating is easy because you both understand each other’s interests but difficult at the same time.

  1. We can’t go on a date for the next few weekends. “We both will be gone for judging and showing.”
  2. Competition is fierce. “My heifer could beat your heifer any day of the week.”
  3. We push each other harder. “You seriously dropped 5 on that class, you know better than that!”
  4. They know how to pull work hair on your cattle. “You wash, and I’ll dry.”
  5. They don’t mind spending a date night in the barn. “If the horse is sick, we should go check on him.”
  6. Dates happen during rodeos/shows. “While we are in Denver, let’s go out and get something to eat.”
  7. Birthday/Christmas/Valentines gifts are all bought during shows/rodeos/conventions. “I got you your birthday present at the Oklahoma State FFA Convention.”
  8. You are both passionate about agriculture. “I hate PETA just as much as you do.”
  9. FFA/4H played a major role in both of your lives. “We met at National FFA Convention.”
  10. You probably met at a rodeo/show/competition. “We met showing against each other.”

Dating an aggie might be hard because of their crazy hours, but they are some of the most driven people you’ll ever meet.

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