Write About What You Love


Writers block happens to the best of writers. For middle school, high school, and college students, writing a research/essay is likely to happen a few times or countless times. I was always told to write about something that you are passionate about. So for me I always wrote about agriculture, shocker I know. Writing about agriculture made those 5 page papers, seem like one. Here are some of my favorite things to write about, that involve the agriculture industry.

  • GMO’s, Good or Bad?
  • Factory farming versus rural farming
  • Technology in farming
  • History of FFA
  • History of 4H
  • Where a breed originated.
  • Values learned through rodeo/showing
  • How farming has progressed throughout the years.
  • Why I dislike PETA (My all-time favorite thing to write about)
  • Social media and farming
  • Seasonal influences on agriculture (Halloween people buy more pumpkins. Valentine's Day people buy roses, etc...)
  • Diseases that farm animals can get
  • Hybrid seeds
  • How much money farmers make off of their products
  • Interview a hometown farmer
  • Information on 3rd generation farmers
  • Which tractor is better?
  • Famous agriculturists
  • Cloning
  • Compare and contrast breeds
  • Cage free or not?
  • Why buying local is a good idea?
  • How can we feed the world in 2020?
  • Animal rights/animal welfare
  • Horse slaughter, for or against it?
  • Where did rodeo start?
  • Till or no till?

Don’t let research/essay papers get you down. Make it easy on yourself and write about something you love.

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