Show Animals/Rodeo Animals Have a Better Life Than Most


Show/rodeo animals live a pampered life, that not just any barn yard animal gets. The kids that take care of these animals develop a strong relationship with them, and provide them with the best of the best. The hard work it takes to win, really shows through during a show or rodeo. Here are some reasons why show/rodeo animals live a great life.

  1. The caretaker probably doesn’t lock their house but always locks the barn. “I don’t want anyone messing with my pig when I’m not there.”
  2. Locks are everywhere. "I locked my pen because I'm afraid someone will touch my goat while I'm gone."
  3. Their animal lives in an air conditioned barn. “It’s hot outside and I want my heifer to keep her hair!”
  4. They will fix the barn before they fix their house. “My horse needs a roof more than I do. I have a tarp on my house, that’ll do.”
  5. Their animal’s hair is nicer than their own. “Yes I’m aware I look like I was struck by lightning, but did you see the legs on that steer!”
  6. They feed their livestock before they feed themselves. “I like to spend my morning with Bertha.”
  7. They have a ton of products for their animal’s hair. “Show sheen was sent from God himself.”
  8. Clean shavings every day. “This isn’t your average barn yard animal, this is a blue ribbon winner.”
  9. They are celebrities in their own way. “When they walk into the ring, everyone is staring. The lights are bright on them in the arena.”
  10. Only the best feed. “I don’t care that the feed cost $20 a bag, it’s worth it!”
  11. They own more accessories than most girls. “Five halters, and more saddles than the amount of horses I have.”
  12. The trailer the animal rides in is better than their caretakers vehicles. "The trailer really makes Sally stand out."
  13. They are constantly getting their pictures taken. "Fred seriously makes my selfies so much better."
  14. They are brought up in every conversation, and they make it hard to leave them. "I don't want to go to school, I'll miss my horse too much!"
  15. People are always with them. "When you spend money on something, you don't just leave it alone."

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