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Using Old Show/Rodeo Stuff For Decor

Moving off to college or moving off to a new home? This blog is just for you! You probably participated in showing livestock or rodeo, so you more than likely have a ton of old supplies lying around. Turn those supplies into home decor! Here are some fun ways to keep you keepsakes close to your heart. After all, home is where the heart is. Keep in mind some of these are just funny and some are really good ideas. Being a college student you learn how to pinch a penny. Enjoy!

  • Got a show stick? Use it for a curtain rod! I used my show stick for the perfect curtain rod at college. Just two command hooks, a curtain, and a show stick and you have the most aggie curtains around!
  • Metal show combs? Hang them up and use them to hang necklaces off of. It makes the perfect hanging attire; just keep it away from where people could run into it.
  • A saddle? Sit it in your room for an extra seat! That’ll bring the western decor look to your room.
  • Old harness? Take the show number out and put a picture in it. Perfect if you had a favorite animal, and would like to have their picture around.
  • Halters? Use them to hang picture off of. Just get some clips and tada!
  • Favorite tag number? Use it as a key chain, or put a magnet on the back and you have an awesome new magnet for your fridge.
  • Show ribbons? I’ve seen people make a stuffed cow, sheep, pig, or horse from them. It’s a great project to work on with your mom.
  • Ton of t-shirts from shows and rodeos? Make a t-shirt quilt. My mom made me one for college and it’s the coziest thing ever.
  • Favorite trophy? Take it with you and use it for a jewelry hanger.
  • Plaques and ribbons do make good wall ornaments if you want to show off your winnings.
  • Old buckle? Make a memory box. Put some fabric behind it and hang it up. It looks really cool!
  • A memory box is also great for keeping your FFA jacket and pins!
  • Old fitting mat? Great for an extra cushion for those camping trips.
  • Old hanger? Use some shower curtain hooks and put your hats on the hanger. It’ll keep all of those polo’s safe and sound!
  • Extra show bloom? They are now making air fresheners with them, but you could just use the bottle and spray a little in the air. It really is the best smell ever!
  • Every rodeo/show kid owns a ton of fold out lawn chairs. Bring them with you, they are great for when you have extra guests.
  • Cowboy hat? Hang it up! That will definitely give your room a bit of the western theme. A rope would to.
  • Weld old horse shoes together to make something, like a lamp.

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