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  Before there were fences and boundary lines, cattle showed who owned them by the brand on them. Brands are things that help sets something apart from the rest. For the stock show kids that buy their animals from breeders, they are going to be showing for that brand. Those breeders want you to do well with your animal because that looks good on them. For the FFA and 4H kids that go out in public in those jackets, your school and hometown want you to be on your best behavior. When in that jacket you are representing a brand. Having a brand can be more than just something on a piece of paper or on a herd of cattle. A brand can be something that you are known for. Maybe you are really good at roping so people brand you the cowboy. Maybe you come to school in Sperry’s and a Polo everyday so you get branded the aggie. Maybe you wear camo to school every day so they brand you the hunter.

Being branded is something we all need to consider. For me I decided that I wanted to create my own brand. I had always been called an “aggie” and I always enjoyed writing. I combined the two and Raised in a Barn was started. Now that I have created a blog I have branched out and began blogging for others and starting my very own business.

What is something you enjoy? Maybe you enjoy working with animals and want to brand yourself as being a veterinarian. Maybe you want to raise your own show cattle one day and so you create a brand for your industry. A business needs a brand to set it apart from other businesses. You need a brand to set you apart from other people. There are tons of agriculture enthusiast looking for a career in the agriculture industry. The only way to be found and stand out compared to them is to begin building your brand.

I’m only 20 years old. I’m halfway done with college but I am thinking ahead of time and starting a career, that way after college I will have something already. Don’t wait until after graduation to start! It’s never too early to start pursuing what you love. Going to college can help expand you knowledge and help you branch out and make more contacts that can help you in your future endeavors. Your professors will also tell you while you are IN college to NOT sit around and hope for an opportunity to fall in your lap.

Go out and start looking for a job. If you want to be an agriculture education teacher one day, go out and help out your own FFA chapter. Your agriculture education instructor will more than likely be glad to have some extra help during show days. If you want to own your own ranch one day, go out and work with a ranch in your area. That way when you own your own ranch you will be prepared for anything.

Jobs require resumes and it’s never too early to build yours. More than likely your hometown will be glad to help you get some more experience under your belt. Also interning with someone who is doing the career you’re interested in will help you decide if that career is for you. My first two years of college I was studying to be an Agriculture Business Major. After those two years I decided to switch over to Agriculture Communications. I am so much happier with this decision. I could have saved some time and money if I would have figured that out earlier though.

Whatever you choose to pursue as a career, make sure that it is something that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Don’t just look at how much money you can make in a year, also look at all of the little things that goes into making it something you would love to do.  If you go after a job that you know you are going to be miserable in just because of the money value, you won’t have a very happy life. Work will feel more horrible than fun.

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