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A Handshake Matters

In the fast paced business oriented world that we live in today, a handshake is a must. Some kids must learn how to give a proper, stern handshake. In the agriculture world we learn how important a handshake is at an early age. Growing up on a farm you are likely to see your parents or grandparents shaking hands with neighbors or when dealing with a business transaction. You family probably told you how important that handshake was, and would make you shake hands with everyone. In the show ring, win or lose, you shake the judges hand. If you win or lose you shake hands with your fellow competitors. A handshake in the show ring shows that you show good sportsmanship and it says a lot about your true character. Shake hands to the person that won, and even the person that beat you. Nothing shows poor sportsmanship like a person who won't shake hands.

When you receive an award like State Farmer, you walk across the stage and shake your State FFA President's hand. A handshake can mean thank you. When you graduate high school or college, you will once again walk the stage and shake the principal or deans hand. When you go in for a job interview you will have to shake hands with the boss. In the agriculture world, a handshake is a business agreement and stronger than any contract could be.

If you make a deal to buy an animal, it can be a sealed transaction by word of mouth and a simple handshake. The handshake symbolizes a form of trust and understanding. You take someones word and give them the respect to shake their hand afterwards. Without a handshake, and just word of mouth, the agreement doesn't seem accurate or true. If your involved in the agriculture industry you will learn just how enforced and important a handshake really is. A handshake is how some people can remember you.

When you meet someone new you shake their hand and introduce yourself. A strong firm handshake can show how you are as a person. For most farmers and ranchers, they judge someone based on their handshake. If they introduce themselves without a handshake, the farmer will probably find something suspicious about them. Just like when a father meets his daughters boyfriend for the first time, if the boyfriend doesn't shake the girls fathers hand, the father will probably think that is a sign of being disrespectful.

A handshake can make someone's day. Maybe you just ran into an old school buddy, and you are excited to see them. More  than likely you are going to give a handshake as a "hello" "it's nice to see you." Handshakes are a great sign of friendship. Some use handshakes to say "I'm sorry, lets move on." Handshakes can help put out old feuds.

It might just be two people reaching out and grabbing hands for a short period, but that short period builds a bond and sense of trust and understanding.  A handshake is something that links people together. Farmers use it, and so does a man or woman who owns a huge multi million dollar company. Sometimes the smallest things, make the biggest difference.

Be kind, and shake hands.

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