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Quapaw FFA Small but Mighty

Quapaw FFA Small but Mighty

Chapter of the month! This month Quapaw FFA was selected Raised in a Barn’s Chapter of the Month.

“Fun, fantastic, and diversified,” is how the Quapaw FFA Chapter describes themselves. Quapaw is located in Quapaw Oklahoma in the Northeast District and Vinita P.I. group. Quapaw is home to about 40 members that range from 8th to 12th grade.

Quapaw has been busy this year competing in a little bit of everything. They competed in numerous speech competitions including the Vinita P.I, districts, as well as many jackpots. This year they had students participate in WLC, Alumni Camp, Big 3 Field Days, Oklahoma State Convention, Perkins Cattle Grading, Tulsa Cattle Grading, Coffeyville Cattle Grading, Bristow Cattle Grading, Northeast Skeet Shooting competitions, ODWC Trap and Archery competitions, State Agriscience Fair, numerous livestock jackpots, county livestock show, and Tulsa Livestock Show. Quapaw also entered projects in the county and Tulsa shows. The FFA officers attended COLT Conference. We also owe Quapaw a huge congratulation for placing 3rd in state this year for their Food for America Pork Promotion!

Quapaw FFA isn’t a stranger to volunteer work. This year they hosted the Ottawa County 4H Day Camp, a yearly beautification project at their school, and planted the flower garden. They held a Halloween booth for the children in the community. They work a night at Twin Bridges State Park of Lights Event. They put on a petting zoo for the elementary students in their school. They also helped out the whole community be provided the community with a new solar powered lighted welcome signs on each part f town. Talk about being as involved as possible.

Quapaw FFA wants to keep growing their membership by getting the younger kids more interested in FFA. Each year they create a slideshow of everything they done that year and show it to the 7th graders to encourage them become active in their chapter. They also started a shooting trap and archery to encourage students that may not be interested in participating to join. This year they plan on adding an outdoor club to get even more kids involved!

Like any other FFA Chapter, Quapaw has traditions. Each year at Big 3 we always go bowling and eat pizza. At Oklahoma State Convention they always eat at the Wedge. They participate in ODWC Trap and Archery Competitions. In 8th grade when they study the Dairy Chapter, they always make a bag of ice-cream and get to do milk and cheese tasting day.

When asked what they want people to know about their chapter they simply replied, “Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Although, we are small, we can accomplish great things through teamwork and cooperation.

Quapaw FFA is under the Agriculture Education Advisor Mr. Jason Couch. Their officer teams consists of; President Shaun Tune, Vice President Alexis Dixon, Secretary Christian Miller, Reporter- Sidany Hilburn, Treasurer Denne Riley, Sentinel Tori Harris. The officer team is the most active in their chapter, and describe themselves as a tight nit group.

The FFA Chapter has nothing but good things to say about their ag teacher, “Mr. Couch is very caring and has a great personality. He is always there to listen to our problems or tell us a joke when we are down. He is our greatest and biggest critic.” They add, “Mr. Couch is always available to spend time with us each on an individual level. If there is something bothering one of us, he is always there to listen.” A great officer team and a great ag teacher makes for the best type of FFA Chapter!

Quapaw FFA means to their members, “The Quapaw FFA is a family. We have our disputes but we always come together and can overcome any challenge.”

We could all learn something from Quapaw FFA. Congratulations for being the best and the brightest, I’m sure you all will succeed in whatever you decide to do. Although you guys are small, you also have an advantage in your size; you are able to work better as a team than bigger FFA Chapters.

Congratulations again! You are setting a great example for surrounding FFA Chapters!

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