How to Explain Livestock Showing to Football Fans


How to Explain Livestock Showing to Football Fans Not very many people probably think that livestock shows and football games are remotely the same. It's really tough to explain how livestock showing works to someone who has no idea about anything but football. Here are some great ideas on how to teach them a little about livestock showing.

  • The referee is the judge. The judge is the man standing in the middle of the ring taking in every little detail on those animals.
  • Both of these hobbies/careers have announcers. The football announcers talk during the whole game, livestock announcers talk when the class is placed.
  • There are rivalries. The big breeders all try to outdo each other, and it makes for a great competition.
  • There are “kickers” and “runners” in the livestock show world to. Those two are not good things though. If someone says they have a kicker in the show ring, you should probably step back.
  • Fans are a must for both livestock showing and football.
  • The “biggest fans” are normally family and friends.
  • Football games are played on a field. Livestock shows happen in a ring.
  • Livestock showing has  cheerleaders. Football cheerleaders might be trained to shout and do jumps, but they haven’t seen my mom when I win.
  • Both have uniforms. Livestock exhibitors have to wear a 4H and FFA jacket. They have where they are from and their names on them, just like a football uniform.
  • Halters instead of helmets for the show animals.
  • You can win trophies in both events.
  • Instead of rings you win buckles.
  • You can get tackled in both. If you see one of those “runners” coming towards you, you better get out-of-the-way!
  • Boots instead of cleats. You will want to wear those boots to protect those animals from stomping on your feet.
  • Coaches are normally the agriculture teachers or breeders from where they got the animals from.
  • You shake hands with the people who won or lost after the show.

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