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Answering Questions About Raised in a Barn

Answering questions about Raised in a Barn. What is Raised in a Barns purpose?

Raised in a Barn is focused on raising awareness to agriculture and agriculture driven organizations. From supporting farmers and ranchers to supporting FFA and 4H, these people are feeding the world and changing lives. As an industry that impacts our lives on different levels, it is important for us to be able to help these people out. It’s time for us to start standing up for agriculture!

We believe in the future of agriculture.

Who started Raised in a Barn?

My name is Breanna Viles and I am currently attending college at Oklahoma State University, as a junior, to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Communications. Throughout this process of starting Raised in a Barn, I have been absolutely amazed to hear and see stories of FFA and 4H Chapters, and see how people live the farm life. I grew up on a farm with multiple breeds of animals, and I can honestly say that the farm life changed me. Later on I was involved in 4H and FFA, those two organizations really lit a fire in me to make a difference in the agriculture world.

I started Raised in a Barn for the sole purpose of giving agriculture involved people a bigger platform and raise awareness for agriculture. Throughout this process, these people have inspired me to be a better agriculturist. So, I would like to continue sharing stories and tips.

Where is Raised in a Barn located?

We are located in Oklahoma. I will be attending shows like the Tulsa State Fair and Oklahoma Youth Expo, so if you see me be sure to say hi! Although I am physical located in Oklahoma, I love to write about anyone or anything from other states. My email is breanna.viles@okstate.edu , so if you have any question or would like to contact me, shoot me an email.

When was Raised in a Barn started? 

This all started on June 23, 2015. Being around for just a little over a month, it has spread like a wildfire. Raised in a Barns article, "Losing is More Important Than Winning," was printed in a newspaper in the United Kingdom. There are people sharing and liking this page from Canada. Raised in a Barn is in various states across the United States. I would like to encourage you, to tell your friends about this page. There is a little something for everyone.

Raised in a Barn partnership?

Raised in a Barn writes posts for Stock Show Boutique. I really enjoy writing for Stock Show Boutique, because they support the FFA and 4H kids. Plus they have some awesome stuff for livestock exhibitors.

What’s new for Raised in a Barn?

So, I am excited to start a new part of this blog. Once a month one FFA or 4H Chapter will get to be “Chapter of the month.” This chapter will have their picture posted and get their very own article write up. This will bring a bigger audience to their chapter, and give other chapters a better idea on how to advance.

Also once a month, there will be a contest called “Thank a farmer.” This will open a new platform for farmers and ranchers everywhere. You can nominate someone you know or even yourself. You can also begin to share farming and gardening tips on this page.

Once a month there will be a photo contest called “Selfie with the livestock.” This will be a picture contest for kids to show off their livestock. If they win they will have their picture posted with a blog.

If you have an interesting story or something that everyone needs to know, please feel free to email me at breanna.viles@okstate.edu and I will try to help you bring attention to your problem or solution.

I don’t mind talking to 4H and FFA kids, and I’m open to come talk to these kids. Shoot me an email if you would like to talk about it.

We are currently in the process of working on give a ways. Be sure to check out this page weekly to see if any are posted.

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For the Farm Kids and Farmers

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