For the Farm Kids and Farmers

Living on a farm, sometimes your farm family develops certain words and sayings that people who don’t live on a farm have a hard time understanding. For kids growing up on a farm, they develop fun things to keep them entertained.Farmer slang is a big deal especially growing up in a farming community, there are so many different analogies they use. Here are some things to say and do to make city people scratch their heads. Things farms kids do or have done at least once:

  • Drank water from a hose. “That’s the best water ever!”
  • Tried your animals feed. “That sweet feed isn’t that sweet!”
  • Licked a salt/mineral block. “That actually didn’t taste that bad.”
  • Caught lightening bugs and put them in a mason jar. “Those are the best candles ever.”
  • Learned how to drive a tractor before a car. “I can do more on a tractor than I can in a car.”
  • Started driving on back roads. “Those are the safest places to learn.”
  • Rode a horse before driving a car. “Horses are better than cars.”
  • Would go around roping anything and everyone. “Hey Joe, stand there and shut your eyes!”
  • Can back a trailer without even trying. “It’s really simple if you don’t think about it.”
  • Spent summers in a hay field. “I was in better shape than any guy in a gym lifting square bales.”
  • Had more animals than friends. “People aren’t all that, animals love you unconditionally if you feed them.”
  • Aren’t afraid to get dirty. “Dirt never hurt anyone.”
  • Knows how to doctors animals and doesn’t have a degree. “You learn how to do those things on your own if you can.”
  • Spent all day outside. “But mom it doesn’t get dark for another 10 minutes!”
  • Had a farmers tan. “It shows everyone I’m a farmer.”
  • Raised a baby animal. “Watching an animal grow is the most precious thing ever.”
  • Rode a crazy steer, just to see if you could last 8 seconds. “What do you mean, you didn’t time me? I bet I stayed on for 12 seconds
  • Pictured below, Colby Dawson. colby dawson

Things farmers say:

  • “It was running like a Deere yesterday.” Meaning- “Something was running well.”
  • “We gonna go fur it.” Meaning – “They have to go FOR something.”
  • “It’s hotter than two squirrels getting it on in a wool sock.” Meaning – “It’s just a really hot day.”
  • “I haven’t seen you in a coon’s age.” Meaning – “They haven’t seen you in a long time.”
  • “They were having a hay day in town the other day.” Meaning- “They were having a good time.”
  • “I’m happier than a pig in the mud.” Meaning – “They are happy.”
  • “Every dog has it’s day.” Meaning – “Some days are good and some aren’t.”

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