It All Started With a 3 Legged Sheep Named Tre

Ashton Folsom, a past Weatherford Oklahoma FFA member, is your average stock show kid. She likes to face problems head on. So when a sheep, named Tre, was born missing the lower part of its leg, Ashton knew she wanted to help it. The sheep was healthy and deserved a fighting chance. "So my thought was, why not build her a leg and then see where it goes from there," Ashton said.

With some critical thinking and some major creativity, a sheep leg was made. "We used BET wrap and PVC pipe, and a cotton wrap on her leg so that it wouldn't rub," Ashton stated. The prosthetic leg stayed on for two months before having to be removed because it was causing sores. By the time they had taken it off, she had built up enough motivation and strength to hold herself up. Ashton is happy to say that she is now running with the rest of the her breeding ewes and is is healthy.

"When she is out in the pasture, she lays down and eats a circle around herself. Later on she'll move and do it again.When moving with the other ewes you can't tell a difference. When she eats from the trough she pretty much sits down," Ashton said. Tre is now a fat and happy lamb that is loving life.

Ashton showed sheep, pigs, and goats when involved in FFA. She now is a college student and running her very own sheep farm, called Ashton Southdowns which is located in Weatherford Oklahoma.

Ashton is a truly remarkable person and made a huge difference in that sheep's life.

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