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Things Cattle, Sheep, Goat, and Pig Exhibitors Know Too Well

Things Cattle, Sheep, Goat, and Pig Exhibitors Know Too Well


Things Cattle, Sheep, Goat, and Pig Exhibitors Know Too Well All livestock showmen go through some major pains trying to get in the show ring, once in the show ring it sometimes gets worse.  Exhibitors will be through it all by the time they leave the show ring for the last time. Some will have been ran over, stepped on, and covered in unmentionables. Oh and getting embarrassed every now and then. Here are some of the biggest pains we all face.

Cattle Exhibitors:

  • How to get paint off of anything and everything. “This is going to take three weeks to remove.”
  • Comb facing in not out. “I don’t want to stab myself.”
  • Boots not Sperry’s. “Cattle stepping on feet hurt.”
  • Show sheen and leather halters. “I can’t hold on, its slick.”
  • Glue and touching anything. “My hand is stuck to this bottle now.”
  • Calf calm just in case. “Sometimes she’s happy, sometimes she’s not.”
  • Rope halters and a cow pulling away. “My hand is tore up!”
  • The bigger the animal, the more painful getting ran over is. “It felt like a train ran over me.”
  • Your hand after holding a resistant cows head up for 30 minutes. “I can’t feel my hand, thanks Bertha.”
  • Dealing with that jump, when a judge slaps your steer to win. “It scared me to buddy.”
  • Slobber on your jacket. “Thanks for sharing your cud with me Max.”
  • Being too short and people not being able to see you. “It looks like my steer grew an extra body in this picture.”
  • Show sticks getting bent. “Oh come on, I just bought this!”
  • Trying to hold a trophy, plaque, and showstick while leading. “I wish I had one more hand.”

Shalie Williams, Hawkins FFA

            Shalie Williams, Hawkins FFA Member 2014-2015   Cameron Allen, Hawkins FFACameron Allen, Hawkins FFA 

Sheep/Goat Exhibitors:

  • Bracing isn’t easy. “Just stand here and stay calm.”
  • Bruises from hooves. “My sheep is part kangaroo.”
  • Getting head-butted. “Goats are notorious for bumping heads every now and then.”
  • Hair in nose. “After shearing sheep, I now have all of its hair in my nose.”
  • Sneezed on. “Thank you for putting me in perfect range for that.”
  • Trying to keep your ribbons from being ate. “You guys will literally eat anything.”
  • Being tall and having to squat. “My body wasn’t built to brace.”
  • Explaining how your sheep/goat is different than everyone else’s. “Yeah they look alike, but mine has that small dot on his side that separates him from the rest.”
  • Dragging sheep/goat in the ring. “Use those feet Fred!”

Mattie Haynes, Jay FFA                                                            Above- Mattie Haynes, Jay FFA

Rachel Lawson, Jay FFA, "Work hard and stay humble." Rachel Lawson, Jay FFAShaun Tune, Quapaw FFAShaun Tune Quapaw FFA, "Every Champion was once a contender."

Pig Exhibitors:

  • Running to catch a pig that’s on the move. “Seriously Sally slow down!”
  • Pig bites do hurt. “Bacon has a real bite.”
  • Don’t try to break up a pig fight with your body. “It’s like two angry girls fighting over a guy, just let someone with a board separate them.”
  • Lower leverage, greater fall. “I just got flipped in the show ring, by that pig.”
  • Comb in hand or pocket. “I don’t know which to do, judges can’t make their minds up about this.”
  • Keeping the judge on their toes. “Look out, Sally is headed your way!”
  • Pee on jeans. “A crowded waiting pen and a bunch of gilts is a bad combo.”
  • Backaches from bending over. “Why am I so tall?”
  • Reading ear notches. “3-11. Lucky numbers for me!”

Brandon Viles, Jay 4HBrandon Viles, Jay 4H

All Show Animals:

  • Getting them to go to the scale. “I understand your pain, I don’t like to weigh myself either.”
  • Getting them to drink water at a show. “You are such a celebrity. Instead of drinking Dasani you want Fiji.”
  • Keeping them away from corners. “Stop trying to put yourself in time out!”
  • Mounting other animals when in heat. “Oh my gosh, Fluffy. That isn’t very lady like!”
  • Dealing with a sleepy animal. “You just took a two hour nap, get up!”
  • Trying to take a picture. "Just act natural Bertha!"

All stock show kids will have good days, and bad days. That's life. These kids have all dealt with these problems beyond well. Thank you Jay 4H, Jay FFA, Quapaw FFA, and Hawkins FFA for always sending some great pictures.

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