Grange, What Started FFA and 4H

grange 1Recently I heard the word “Grange” for the first time. I had no clue about what Grange was or stood for. I soon learned all about it and just knew I had to share it with everyone. We have all heard of FFA and 4H, Grange is hardly mentioned. I had so much fun writing this and learning the history of Grange. I found some awesome facts that I have to share!

Grange is what started FFA and 4H. The Grange brought the first orange to California in 1877, and one of the two original Washington Navel Orange trees in California stands in the Mission Courtyard in Riverside. Women have always had an equal voice with men since the inception of the organization. Plus, Grange was instrumental in formulating Land Grant Colleges. grange 2I had the privilege of being introduced to Grange by Nessa Palmateer, who is a member of the Santa Clara Valley Grange. “Grange is smaller than FFA and 4H, and is run by a master, John Inglis. It’s mainly for small towns that don’t have a lot of money,” Nessa said. Santa Clara Valley Grange was started in 1867. Currently they have about 30 kids and 18 adults.

grange 3 Grange doesn’t get a lot of recognition because it is so much smaller than FFA and 4H. I know that for now on I am going to be including Grange in more of my blogs. These kids deserve as much recognition a s the FFA and 4H kids.

“Grange is unique because you grange 5have to be recommended by a member to join, and then you have to be voted in. It’s run by the adults.” Nessa added. Nessa’s school doesn’t have a 4H or FFA, but they have Grange. Her cousin was in Grange and introduced her to the group, and she was excited to join.grange 4

They have 17 swine exhibitors, 12 goat kids, 4 steer kids, and one member that raises turkeys.

“I compete at Ventura County Fair, but our goat kid’s show at Santa Barbara Fair and Expo, Ventura County Fair and Antelope Valley Alfalfa                                                                              Festival,” Nessa added.grange 6

Raised in a Barn would like to recognize all of the Granges out there. You guys are all awesome, and good luck in your upcoming competitions!grange 7

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