My First Vehicle Was a Horse


My First Vehicle Was a Horse

Growing up I wasn’t able to drive at 5 years old, but I was allowed to go out and ride my horse. I’ll never forget the first time I got to ride a horse. My dad took me to a man’s house that had a calm, older horse that would be perfect for a little girl. The man told me, “If you can climb up and ride him, you can have him!” While him and my dad were standing there laughing, my five-year old short legs flew on that saddle.

A horse helps young girls and boys have a feeling of freedom. As humans we can’t fly, but on the back of a horse it feels like we are lighter than a cloud and have wings. A car might get you there faster, but on the back of a horse you can be one with nature and your surroundings.

Corey Pell- Pinto World, and Oklahoma State Horse Judging Champion. Corey

A horse it what starts a career for cowgirls and cowboys. There wouldn’t be such thing as a rodeo if there wasn’t horses. Cowboys wouldn’t have been able to push cattle from one state to another in the good ole days.

Barbara"Horses are a reflection of who I am or who I want to be." Barbie Wheatley- Flowers

A girl’s first love is a horse. When she is on the back of a horse with the wind blowing in her hair there isn’t a better feeling in the world. Something she can run barrels on and take to her local shows. Girls see the beauty in these horses and a horse becomes that girl’s best friend and confidant.

Horses help you find a career/hobby. Whether it be roping for fun in a saddle, or trying to catch that crazy cow that got out, horses are the best at helping you. They really are the best farm hand you will ever have.

Julie Brascher, NEO A&M"Horses are smart, beautiful, and when I ride one I feel completely and utterly free. I don't have a care in the world." - Julie Brashear, NEO A&M College

Here are the top 10 reasons we love horses.

  1. They are romanticized. How many times have you heard a girl say, “My prince charming is going to ride up on a horse one day?” Does that really happen? Probably not, but it gives girls hope. Thanks to Disney Princesses, horses are every girls dream
  2. They are the definition of freedom. Before the age of 16 you aren’t allowed to drive a car down the highway. At whatever age you can fit in a saddle you can go out in the field and go for a ride. They will make you feel older, because you have that freedom.
  3. They are great listeners. There isn’t a better way to get over a bad day, than going outside and saddling up. Your horse just seems to understand without saying anything. For some reason a horse will help get you over your bad day faster than any person could.
  4. Catching livestock! Those four-wheelers and farm trucks can’t chase that wild cow that is refusing to go in a pen, like a horse and cowboy/cowgirl can. While the truck is stuck in some mud, axles deep, a horse is tailing that cow heading it back towards the corral. They are great for working cows!
  5. It’s a cowboy/cowgirl thing. Nothing helps you feel closer to your ancestors, like riding a horse. “I can’t imagine riding across the country on the back of you, but it would be fun!”
  6. Horses make a rodeo so much more fun to go watch. It’s always amazing to see how these horses work so well with the cowboys and cowgirls.
  7. Unconditional love. It doesn’t matter how mad the horse makes you, they will constantly love you. Eventually, they will make you forgive them by giving you “the look” of unconditional love.
  8. You don’t ever stop loving horses. At any age you still will want to be on the back of a horse, going for a ride after a long hard day. It’s something that you really never grow out of.
  9. Horses are intelligent. When working or just going out for a ride they just seem to know where you want to go. If they don’t want to go there, chances are they won’t. They have such a big personality in a big body.
  10. They are gorgeous! It doesn’t matter which breed you prefer, you can see the beauty in all of them. There isn’t a prettier sight, than seeing horses out grazing in the field.

DallisDallis Beckfield, NEO A&M College

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