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Show Animals have Personalities

Show Animals have Personalities

Show Animals Have PersonalitiesWyatt HancockCatherine Stagnl, Okarche(Catherine Stangl, Okarche to the left) (Wyatt Hancock to the right)Xaview Cortez, La Porte Jr FFA

(Xavier Cortez La Porte Jr FFA)

We’ve all had that one show animal that has a larger than life personality. The animal that just reminds you of someone you know. Sometimes it’s a good personality, and sometimes it’s a personality that isn’t good at all. Either way, you are going to deal with one of these types of show animals. Here are some of the main personalities that make people happy, or hide.

Katelan and Kedron Brown

                                                                     (Katelan and Kedron Brown to the right)

Courtney Hamilton, 4H County Pride

(Courtney Hamilton, 4H County Pride)

  • Happy – “The best type of show animal to have. This animal is happy to see you, and happy to be in the show ring. People in the audience can just see how happy that animal is to be there, and how happy you are to have such a happy animal.”
  • Mad – “The worst type of animal to have. This animal gets the best of the best, and still isn’t pleased. This animal is normally resistant to do anything or go anywhere.”

(Alexis Lewis Tecumseh FFA )

Alexis Lewis, Tecumseh FFA

  • Sick – “We’ve all had that one show animal that was always sick. You could breathe on it, and it would be on the ground dying. Some animals can be hypochondriacs, and just pretend to be sick to get out of doing something. Don’t judge because we’ve all done that to skip work or school.”Heather Hubler

(Heather Hubler)

Lovey- “This animal is the type to make your face turn bright red. Anything and everything is something that the animal would like to mount. Maybe another animal in the show ring, maybe an animal in the back of the barn, or maybe the judge.”

Gracie Allen, Oologah FFA

  • Crazy- “The want to be serial killers of the show animals. These animals love to knock you down and stomp you. Maybe they don’t like the look that the dog is giving them, maybe they just hate everyone. The world may never know.”
  • Sassy – “The diva of the show ring. Maybe you should have gave them that extra flake of hay, but you didn’t, because you didn’t that animal is going to throw a fit the entire way to the show ring. Making everyone stare at you

(Gracie Allen, Oologah FFA, to the left)

Peyton, Blue Mountain 4H ClubPeyton, Blue Mountain 4H Club

  • Noisy- “Nothing could be wrong with this type of animal, but that doesn’t matter. This animal just loves to hear its own voice and wants to share it with the entire world. Talk about a fun time!”

boy with sheep

  • Shy- “The most bashful of them all. They are the animals that are usually hiding behind their owners. They don’t like the judge or anyone touching them, and will move until they think he can’t see or touch them anymore.”
  • Athletic- “Why walk when you could run? The animal that could be the next Olympian for the United States, and hopes to get discovered one day. If you ain’t first, you’re last.”
  • Super star- “The animal that struts in the show ring. Head up, and top up! They seem to always be picture ready and love all of the attention. You can sometimes even see them smiling at cameras.”

Chelsea Allen, Oologah FFA

(Chelsea Allen, Oologah FFA)

girl with pig

  • Dumb- “We can’t all be the sharpest hay fork in the barn. These animals struggle with reality, and have the duh look written on their face.”
  • Moody- “The animal that goes from happy to mad in 2.5 seconds. They put PMSing girls to shame. Any small thing can irritate them and tick them off”Avery Cluck

(Avery Cluck, pictured above)

The seven dwarfs that Snow White found, could probably represent the types of show animals that I have had in my lifetime. What about you?

feeder calf

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