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Livestock Adds a Magical Touch to Pictures

Livestock Adds a Magical Touch to Pictures


Jaycie Cardenas, Custer County Colorado FFA Nothing says fun like a family picture that includes your livestock herd or trusted horse! As an agriculture lover, chances are you are going to take pictures with your animals at least once in your lifetime. These pictures will be your Facebook profile picture, and be the cover of all your social media accounts. You will have that picture on your desk at work, and show all of your friends that one magical moment where the animals finally looked at the camera.

Marisa Tsuboi, Strathmore FFA

Taking pictures with livestock is not an easy task. First off, these animals don’t care that you want to take a picture of them to remember them for a lifetime. Instead they would rather stare at the tree in the distance. Secondly, they will do whatever they want to do during photo shoots. Anything and everything can happen. I think we all should constantly thank our photographers that spend hours trying to help you achieve that magical moment, and the perfect shot.

Aleena McDonald, Colstrip, MT FFA

Madessa Hoffer-Dye, Canyon Critters 4-H Club

During these photo shoots the animals will all react differently. Some will stand there and refuse to look your way, others will throw a tantrum and prove that they are the biggest babies ever. Some will even take off and make you chase them for hours, and take a bathroom break as soon as the photographer pushes down on the button to take the magical picture. Photographing anything with a mind of its own is never easy. Livestock definitely has their own category though.

Fairland FFA

Kristine Fairchild, Renville County Minnesota 4-H

They make your senior year announcements special. Nothing is more fun than getting to take a bunch of pictures with your favorite animal. You get to include all of the awards you ever won in the background plus the trusty trailer that got you to multiple shows and rodeos in multiple states and towns. Your senior year was special, and that was because you got to end your time as a high school student in the show ring, or the rodeo arena. It’s a senior announcement that everyone loves to get.

Jessie Wiechman, Jefferson County Colorado 4-H

Haines Family

So why do people love to look at pictures with livestock? Well, because these animals bring a unique flare to the other end of the camera. Everyone does those normal family pictures where everyone is wearing a matching color or sweater, few bring out their goat herd and line up. Everyone takes those senior pictures holding inanimate objects, but few get the opportunity to lead a one ton animal around. A Christmas card, or a senor announcement is something that everyone is use to getting. Which is why when they opened your card, your family or senior announcement was so different than everyone else’s.

Hannah Gantz, Liberty Livestock 4-H Club

Taylor Coen, Kansas FFA

I absolutely love receiving some awesome pictures from people around the world, most of which involves the person with their livestock. I’m always so amazed by how these photos just stand their own. The animal makes a funny face in the picture, or the animal and its owner look like something you would see in an ad in magazine.  Thank you all that sent in pictures to have published on this blog. You all are amazing and these photos are all frame worthy!

Jason Paine, Royal Clovers 4-H Club

To the livestock photographers out there, thank you! You help so many people have a keepsake of their favorite animals.  You guys deserve an award!

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Bralei Lusty, Richland Spring FFA/4-H

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