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Official Dress is the Best

Official Dress is the Best


What do athletic teams, big name companies, and FFA/4-H/Grange all have in common? They all have different forms of uniforms. A football team wears their uniform to show others that they are a team, and they have their names on the back to show others who they are. Can you imagine a team without a uniform and people wearing different or the same color trying to play football? The referees would be confused, so would the coaches, fans, and football players themselves. Gans FFA

Fairland FFA

Dixon Grange

In FFA/4-H/Grange, you have an official dress code. I know that when I was in FFA the first week of school we discussed how important dress code was during things like state convention. When I heard the dress code I thought to myself, “I really don’t like pantyhose.” Regardless I went out and bought some, and followed the dress code. Why though? As my agriculture education teacher use to say, when you are wearing that uniform, you are representing me and the school, don’t embarrass us. So if I would have worn my blue jeans that had holes in them, I can tell you that I would look ridiculous and it would have looked bad on my school and teacher as well.

Santa Clara Valley Grange

Alvord FFA

Newcasle FFA, Mcclain Co. 4-H

In some of the jobs we chose we will have to wear a uniform. It makes us all feel equal and represent the company we work for. There is not questioning the uniform, if you don’ like it than chances are you won’t have a job for very long. That’s life. The work force can be a tough one to get into, and in certain jobs they want you to dress in a respectable manner. Just like if you go in for a job interview you want to look nice, because that could be your potential boss and you want to make a good first impression, all for a better chance to get the job. These dress codes in FFA, 4-H, and Grange will help you realize that.

Concord FFA

Culberston FFA

I wouldn’t just be embarrassing my school if I created my own dress code, I would be embarrassing myself as well. When you put that official dress on, you become a different person. You aren’t just representing yourself, you are representing your school, and state as well. When knowing that you should feel a sense of pride to know that you are a member of one of these great organizations. You are wearing a uniform that many of the worlds greatest have worn before. It’s a piece of history that his lived out for a very long time, and it’s cool to see it change slightly every so often. It might change, but the mission remains the same.

Hawkins FFA

Sarah Conquest, Kountry Kids 4-H

The FFA and 4-H members have a jacket. FFA is blue and gold, and 4-H is green and white. Each jacket contains symbolism for what it is that these organizations wish for these kids to accomplish in their time spent with them. A common feature is in both though, your name and your state. So always remember that when you put that jacket on, you are representing an organization. Always remember that those three great organizations are trying to help teach kids valuable lessons.

Charlotte FFA

Sidney FFA

Official dress is always classy, and something you should be proud to own. Wear those jackets with pride, because there will come a time when it’s all over. Your senior year you will take that jacket off for the very last time. The only thing you will want to do, is to have one last chance to wear it. So wear it with pride!

Preston Idaho FFA

Oaks FFA

As always thanks to the great kids that sent their official dress pictures in!

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Oologah FFA

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