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Blue and Gold Jackets... Blue and Gold Jackets Everywhere!

Blue and Gold Jackets... Blue and Gold Jackets Everywhere!

State FFA Convention is always fun because you get to meet people from around your state that are involved in FFA. It's a great way to network in your state, and make some new friends. Do you know what's even more fun than State FFA Convention? That's right, National FFA Convention. It's almost that time again! I hope everyone is getting excited for the greatest times of their lives and getting some ideas for the best selfies around (Selfie sticks will help take the best selfie). Here is the reason National FFA Convention is all that and a bag of chips. Greenhand's get ready, I'm about to blow your minds.

  1. Meet people from around the world! Sure meeting people from your state is cool, but when you live in Texas and meet someone from Alaska, well it's awesome! I'm sure you all are aware that in the back of the books they give you is a list of states, don't be afraid to go out and make a friend from every state. Get them to sign your book and who knows it might get you a date.
  2. Spending time traveling with your favorite people. Why travel alone when you have people who love the blue and gold just as much as you do. It is such an awesome feeling to get to travel with your best friends and fellow FFA members.

    La Porte FFA, LA Porte, Tx

  3. Getting to represent your hometown. On the back of your jacket is your state and town. Represent it well, and remember that there are people who don't know where Stillwater Oklahoma is. Don't let the impression of Stillwater be anything but positive. (Go Pokes!)
  4. The Career Show! What is better than a bunch of free stuff? NOTHING! Last year I was attending the National FFA Convention as an Ag Ambassador recruiting for NEO A&M College. We gave away a lot of free stuff; clothes, towels, and key chains, you name it we were giving it away. (Be sure to check out NEO A&M College and tell them you heard about them from Raised in a Barn.) 

    NEO A&M College, Miami OK

    My boyfriend was a Connors State College Ag Ambassador and we recruited against each other. Talk about a friendly competition.

    Cody representing Connors, and me representing NEO

  5. Make plans for your future! The career show is great for free stuff, but it also holds a ton of possibilities for you. If you are looking for a college it's the best place to talk to the recruiters and see if it sounds like the right fit for you. If college isn't you thing it is a great opportunity to talk to future employers. These people all want YOU! They are all competing to recruit you in. FFA kids are the brightest around, and that's why the agriculture industry wants you. More importantly the agriculture industry NEEDS you.
  6. Shopping. Whats more fun than buying a super cool t-shirt that no one else is going to have at your school. Sorry Louisville FFA, I'm sure you guys already know all about Louisville Kentucky, but you can show the others around your hometown. It's a win win.
  7. Watching your friend receive their American FFA Degree. The emotions you will see, as many zip up there FFA jackets for the last time, will leave you speechless. The tears of joy and later the tears of knowing that they are no longer going to wear that jacket. Learn from them, because they will all tell you it goes by way too fast.

    Cody Dawson after receiving his American Degree

  8. Spending time with you Agriculture Education Teacher. Ag teachers are the best teachers. They don't just teach you boring things out of a book, they teach you about life.
  9. Spending late nights talking to your friends in the hotel room. I know as a past FFA Member myself, we hardly ever slept when we went places. We stayed up playing cards, talking, and watching movies. It's a great bonding time for members to become a team.
  10. The most important reason we love National FFA Convention... is because it's fun! There isn't ever a dull moment.

I hope everyone is getting excited for National FFA Convention and getting their official dress ready to go. Have fun and take lots of pictures, and be sure to upload them to Raised in a Barn Facebook page. That way they can be used in upcoming blogs.

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