Let's Talk About Raised in a Barn

Raised in a Barn was started by just a 20 year old college student, with no idea what would happen. Within about 4 months, the site has flourished. All thanks to the amazing FFA, 4-H, and Grange families, members, and advisors. Plus the hardworking farmers and ranchers. Also the agriculture enthusiast. I just loved writing and was passionate about agriculture, and it made a great combination. The site has gained so many new followers and readers, so I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about  Raised in a Barn. This blog is about achieving many different goals.

Goal 1) Bring a positive spotlight back on agriculture. I’m so tired of seeing people, who know nothing about agriculture, leading people into believing all farmers and ranchers are bad. I hate seeing certain organizations use their celebrity endorsements and propaganda to make people believe that the $20 donation they made is going to save a bunch of sad chickens.

Goal 2) To get people to have a better understanding of where there food comes from. Meat doesn’t grow in the grocery store, and crops don’t magically appear. Not only that, there are so many animal byproducts that go into your everyday items. Don’t believe me? Don’t worry, there will be a blog coming soon talking about it. We can argue about that then.

Goal 3) To give all FFA, 4-H, and Grange kids a platform. We can’t al have Grand Champions or come from a well-known family. Here at Raised in a Barn, every kid is equal. If you send me a picture, I will use it for a blog. You can have the last place animal at the Tulsa State Fair, it doesn’t matter. Send in your picture and you will be recognized for your hard work getting there.

Goal 4) To encourage kids to get involved in FFA, 4-H, and Grange. I can’t even express how big of an impact to of the three organizations made in my life. Funny thing is I was learning, and I didn’t even know it. These organizations turn kids into well respected young men and women. Don’t believe me on that either? Sign up for one of them, and give it a chance. If it is awful after a month, email me and tell me I’m wrong.

Goal 5) To remind everyone that if you have a goal, you can achieve it. I’m from a small town, where not a lot of people leave. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to stay in one place. If you want to be an astronaut, then be an astronaut. I was always taught that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. Hard work and determination will get you places, but you have to give it all you’ve got.

There are a lot of fun things coming up in October. There will be another essay contest, a new picture contest, and possibly some Raised in a Barn t-shirt giveaways. So be sure to sign up for the emailing list.

I have will begin going around Oklahoma talking to school in December. So if you are in the Oklahoma area, and would like me to come talk to your school, email me at breanna.viles@okstate.edu. I’d love to meet you and inspire you to not be afraid to chase goals.

I will be in and out of the Tulsa State Fair. If you see me, please don’t be afraid to say hi. I’d love to get to meet you!

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