My View on Animal Rights Activists


This is about Animal Rights. These are MY views on this touchy subject. If you agree with me great, if you don’t oh well. Since this is my personal blog I want to remind you all that name calling and vulgarity make the strongest defenses look like complete idiots. If it is a rude and degrading comment it will be deleted. Regardless of what you say to me I won’t change my mind Animal Rights is defined as a philosophical views that animals have rights similar or the same as humans. True animal rights proponents believe that human do not have the right to use animals at all. Animal rights proponents wish to ban all use of animals by humans. So now we all know what animal rights is all about. Let's talk about farming.

I grew up on a farm. Not a huge farm or ranch, but just a small out in the middle of nowhere farm. Cattle were our favorite thing to raise. When a cow was sick, my dad would just know by looking at her. He wasn’t a veterinarian but had plenty of time in the field working with the herd. He would look at her and instantly know what was wrong, he would go get his medicine and begin doctoring her. I will never forget the day the tornado hit our property. When it was all over we walked outside to see a tree was on my truck, trees were all over the field, and it had hit my brother’s room. Completely trashing his room. The first thing my dad did was get in the truck and go look for the cattle. He hoped and prayed that the fence was still standing and all of them were there. The fence was gone, and the cattle were astray. The costs to get the farm running again was substantial.

I’ll never forget the day one of our chickens broke its leg. I went out there every day and worked with that chicken’s leg. I cleaned it, casted it, even done physical therapy, and a couple of weeks later that chicken was walking on its leg again. I’ve seen horrible things in the field. A cow that couldn’t push a calf out, so my dad would have to go pull it out. Maybe the calf was breached and he would have to reposition it. I’ve seen a pig prolapse. She was taken to the vet to have her rectum put back in with a pipe hanging out. We took care of that for countless days. It wasn’t fun and stunk horribly.

I have seen farmers and ranchers live in houses that were in horrible condition, just so they could provide the absolute best for their livestock. They spent every dime working on barns, buying the best feed, and keeping the animals as healthy can be. Yet, some say farmers and ranchers are abusing these animals. People go “undercover” to farms and take these videos and send them to a certain Animal Rights group. That group then publishes them with sad music playing in the background, and put some statistics up. Statistics that make no sense whatsoever. Like a farmer docking a lamb's tail to keep bacterial infection from happening. The video was titled, "Watch this poor sheep get cut by farmers for no reason." Comments were mostly, Farmers are murders, that's so cruel, and this is why we should stop buying from farmers." Yeah good luck with going to the grocery store and not buying something that came from a farm.

For farmers and ranchers those animals are their life. That’s what puts food on the table and money in their pockets. Family farming that gets passed down from generation to generation. Each generation learning more and knowing how to better do things. If you think that a farmer or rancher would intentionally go out and hurt the thing that provides for their family, you must not know what farm families are like. Just like that stupid picture that keeps floating around on the internet about Dairy Farmers, that were using artificial insemination in dairy cattle and then throwing their babies in a pit to die. Let me know where this is happening, because those dairy calves have been bringing a pretty nice amount at sale barns.

Oh and have you ever raised a bottle baby calf? I have raised multiple, because some cows will walk away from their own calves, or the mothers will die in the process of having them, or the calf will be sick and need care that the mother can’t provide. Have you seen those pigs in crates? Those crates keep the mother from laying on them or stepping on them. Oh and fun fact of the day, some sows will eat their babies. So chew on that while you think that those sows are being harmed. I’d rather see a sow in a crate, than a sow eating her babes.

“We don’t care though,” said all of those people at home watching edited lies. “Let’s donate $20, they need to stop farming and ranching,” said all of those people who know nothing about agriculture. Let’s think about where your money goes. Do you know how much it costs to take care of a simple animal like a dog or cat? You pay the vet bills, you buy it toys, and feed. That $20 isn’t going to cover one month for that dog or cat. Now imagine feeding a one ton animal. An animal that regardless to your beliefs, doesn’t care if you like it or not. An animal that is bigger than you, and can make your pocketbook run drier faster than your editing skills on Photoshop. The $20 you just sent them came with a t-shirt though, and you learned about what was going on through a tv commercial. Yeah I bet they used your $20 to save that sad chicken in a pen.

So here is the thing. I’m a proud farmer’s daughter, who is spending four more years of her life going to college to obtain knowledge that will help me, help the farmers and ranchers one day. So before you call out these hardworking men and women, go talk to them. Go spend a day at a farm. Wake up before the sun rises and feed, clean pens, work all day, feed them before yourself dinner, and not be able to sit down and relax. Try to learn what goes into raising livestock. Until you raise them you can't bash others.Thank you farmers and ranchers. 

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