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Life on a Farm, is the Life for Me

Life on a Farm, is the Life for Me


paragraph 1Growing up on a farm, I never imagined what it would be like living in a city. So when I moved off to college my freshman year, I was bombarded with different emotions. Lucky for me I started my college at NEO A&M in Miami Oklahoma. So I wasn’t too far in the city, and I could hear the crickets sing at night. I couldn’t even begin to explain to my friends who grew up in the city why living on the farm was something I missed like crazy at college. After my third year of living off the farm, I can now put it all into perspective to describe why the farm life, is the only life I want to live.

Life on the farm is the best life. Here’s why.

The music nature makes. You might be a fan of rap, but I’m a fan of listening to the wind rush through the tree branches. Waking up to a rooster trying to tell us all the sun is up and it’s time to get up. The sound of the birds chirping and enjoying the nice country air. My favorite will always be the sound of the crickets serenading us to go to sleep, and an owl asking the same question over and over again. “Who?”

The tea is sweater in the country probably because of the people making the tea. Farm people love tea, and it isn’t just a summer specialty for them. When visiting neighborhood farms, you are likely to be offered either sweet tea or lemonade. Growing up on the farm will make you grow accustom to those tastes. There isn't a better tea, than the tea made by farmers.

Working hard and then going out and drinking water fresh from a hose. The Fiji water in stores will never compare to the taste of that cold water on a hot summer day.paragraph 2

The smells. Yeah there are some downright stinky things on a farm, but there is also that fresh smell. Hay season is my favorite, and the fields are like a Scentsy for a farmer.  If you show livestock, your barn probably smells like final bloom.

The life beginning. It seems like people who know little about agriculture think death is the most relevant part of it. To me life on the farm is all about the beginning. I’ve seen so much life begin in the middle of a pasture.

Some of the best stories come from an experience had on a farm. Recently I read about a terminally ill farmer, and 40 of his neighbors came together and helped him finish his harvest in just about ten hours. Living on the farm is tough, but the people who farm are some of the best people you will ever meet. When there is a tough time, they will come together to accomplish the end task.

The livestock are better than a television show. These animals all have their own personalities and some can be hilarious to watch. Especially baby animals, they are the cutest and most precious things in the world to watch.

The outdoor games. Living on a farm you spend almost all of you time outside. As a farm kid you’ll make up fun games to play. There is always a pond to go fishing in, a creek to go swimming in, or a horse that needs to be broke in. The best game I ever played on the farm was jumping on hay bales. My 6 year old self loved that the most. The possibilities are endless.

There is never any boredom. As a farm kid I guarantee you never uttered the words, “I’m bored.” If you told your parents that they would put you to work. I’ll never forget the day I told my dad I was bored, he told me we could have a rock and roll party. After getting excited I learned that I would be picking rocks out of the field and throwing them off a field. Hence the rock and roll.

My absolute most favorite thing about living on a farm, is the beauty. A sun setting while the cows are out in the field grazing. A sun rising on a wheat field. The most beautiful memories I have, are the memories of life on the farm.

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Support the Farmer and Rancher, because They Support You

Support the Farmer and Rancher, because They Support You

Going from Love to Hate is Easy, Going from Hate to Love is Hard.

Going from Love to Hate is Easy, Going from Hate to Love is Hard.