Why You Should Join FFA, 4-H, or Grange


At Raised in a Barn I get to hear from some amazing kids from around the world. The common thing that unites them is passion, and that passion is for their organization. Whether that organization is FFA, 4-H, or Grange, they are excited to tell you about how being involved made a positive difference on their lives. I started out as a 4-H member and then transitioned into a FFA Member. It didn't matter what color corduroy I wore, I can tell you in both organizations I was being pushed to reach for the stars, and learning how to create a goal and carry it through. I hope that more and more kids will get involved in these organizations.

So here is why you should join FFA, 4-H, or Grange.

  • It's not just about livestock. These organizations offer a chance for you to learn more about livestock, but they also have way more to offer. In FFA you will learn how to do public speaking, and that is a trait that is beyond valuable. In 4-H you will have the opportunity to participate in different events. There is something for everyone!
  • You can show livestock. The amount of life long lessons you will learn by taking care of that animal is remarkable.
  • You can judge livestock, soil, meat, and much more! There are so many different judging events you can take part in. All will help teach you about that designated area. Plus they can offer you scholarships, and jobs.
  • In 4-H there is a project for everyone. When I was in 4-H you could make your own clothes and then model them. Something a future fashion designer might be interested in.
  • There is something new to learn each day. All of these organizations have so much to teach you, but you won't realize how much you learn that isn't from a textbook.
  • The Advisers/Leaders care about you. These people want to see you succeed and have the resources to help you reach whatever goal you have. They will keep you on the right road at all times, and will be your biggest fan and mentor at the same time.
  • The class can be taught outdoors. Some of the Agriculture Education teachers love to take their class outside. You will learn about the different types of soil, all the way to the root of a crop to the very top.
  • You learn how to grow your own food. Agriculture educators want to prepare you for life. So, you will learn what goes into your food, and how to grow it. You will never go hungry if you can learn this important lesson.
  • Joining any of these three great organizations will help you be apart of something much bigger than yourself. To wear that corduroy jacket, say that creed, and represent your hometown is a great feeling.
  • You will be with a group of people who share the same interests as you. One of my favorite things about FFA was being able to meet people who had the same interests as me, as well as people who had their own interests. It will really helps you understand others, and gives you a new perspective on things.
  • You will travel, a lot! If you get involved with these groups, you will get to go around your state. Maybe even around the world.

So what's stopping you from going and seeing what one of these organizations have to offer? Take a friend and go talk to an Adviser/Leader about what all they do in their organization. I bet you will find something that will make you want to join.

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