You Might Be an FFA Member If:


You might be an FFA Member If:

  • Some people have a green thumb, but you have a Greenhand. (I'm such a comedian, I know.)
  • Your jacket is your formal wear. "Who needs a prom dress anyways?"
  • You own more pairs of panty hoses than Walmart can make. "Another hole, seriously?"
  • You've contemplated buying those spray on panty hose. "I could save so much money with that."
  • During opening ceremonies you say all of the lines with the officers. "Stationed here by the ____"
  • Your fellow FFA members are more than just teammates or friends, they are family. "FFA is family."
  • You go to National Convention with just a few things, but come back with bags and bags of goodies. "They want you to take the pens."
  • You spend hours in a vehicle traveling. "I've spent a month of traveling just for FFA."
  • You can sleep anywhere. "It's a ten-hour trip to convention, I can sleep on a bus upside down and be comfortable."
  • You have to correct people when they call you the Future Farmers of America, and when they do you have to give them an FFA history lesson. "Let me tell you why we aren't called that anymore..."
  • You spend  more time with you Ag Teacher than you spend with some of your family member. "My Ag Teacher pretty much is part of my family, more than cousin Janet."
  • You get excited when you see FFA Member from other states. "Oh my gosh, Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas!"
  • Your jacket is your hidey hole. "I've got my phone, my purse, last nights dinner, a ribbon I won from my last competition, and a manual in here."
  • You amaze everyone with how many pockets your jacket has. "I could be a magician and pull a rabbit out of my jacket."
  • You bleed blue and gold. "These colors run through my veins."
  • Your calendar is full of different events, and competitions. "Sorry I can't hang out with you until January."
  • You think a scarf and tie are the most classy thing you own. "Why yes I can tie this tie."
  • You use FFA pickup lines. "Hey you are as beautiful as the rising sun." (If that line gets anyone a date, you're welcome.
  • You can run on hardly no sleep. "Late nights and early mornings are no big deal."
  • You are use to doing homework on the road. "I'm going to need all of next weeks homework."
  • You pack an iron for every trip. "That line in the middle of my slacks is pure class."
  • National Convention is like a vacation to you. "Traveling, spending time with friends, shopping, and doing what I love by being an FFA Member."
  • FFA Members have a great time at National Convention. Many of our Raised in a Barn Representatives will be there. Cody Dawson will be at the National Teach Ag Booth.

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