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Holidays Without Agriculture

Holidays Without Agriculture


Some say agriculture isn’t important. Yet when going shopping I’m already seeing a ton of Christmas things out. Here at Raised in a Barn we are all about coming up with new ways to educate people about how vital agriculture is to their everyday lives. So let’s discuss how those favorite holidays would be less fun without agriculture, especially less traditional.


  • You can’t have your cake and eat it to, especially without agriculture. It might be your birthday but you will be definitely crying and not because you want to. Without agriculture there would be no ingredients to make a traditional birthday cake. Some of those presents you want, would probably surprise you when you see how much agriculture products are in them.


  • No Charlie Brown that isn’t the Great Pumpkin, without agriculture there would be no pumpkins. No pumpkins means no pumpkin carving fun. There would be more tricks than treating because without agriculture there would be no chocolate candy. At least people could give out rocks.


  • Deck the halls with no holly. Sadly without agriculture there would be no fresh Christmas trees, not even one for Charlie Brown. No boxes to put presents in, and no wrapping paper. No ugly Christmas sweater competitions. No Christmas Stockings to place over the fire. The saddest thing though, would be no milk and cookies left out for Santa. Trust me, we don’t want Santa mad.


  • Turkey, need I say more. Okay how about ham? Still nothing. Well without agriculture there would be none of your traditional Thanksgiving dinners. The Indians and Pilgrims would be very disappointed to see that tradition ever stop. However, the turkeys would thank you if it did.

Valentine’s Dayb

  • Have you ever sent your girlfriend a box of rocks to eat, and a bouquet of sticks? No, you probably haven’t because that would be a very bad thing to do. Don’t ever do that guys! Without agriculture you would have one mad girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. “Sorry honey, I didn’t get you roses, chocolate, or a stuffed teddy bear, because agriculture doesn’t exist.”


  • Peter Cottontail would have to hop down the bunny trail somewhere else. There would be no coloring eggs. No obsessing over bunnies, and chickens. Still I have yet to learn how a rabbit produces those Easter Eggs.

4th of Julye

  • I’m not sure about everyone else but playing football on the 4th of July is a must for most of the guys I know. A football is made from cattle. Also, there would be no cookouts (no hamburgers or hotdogs) to eat while watching the fireworks at night. No firewood to roast marshmallows. There also would be no ice-cream which is just sad.

Cinco de Mayoaaa

  • No chips or dip. No salsa or queso. That would just be a sad world without queso. Also, no piñatas. No bat or stick to hit the piñata.

So whether you realize it or not, agriculture is in everything we do. This is just the basic things most people know about these holidays. I could keep going and going, but I’ll just keep it at this. Think twice before you say we don’t need agriculture or agriculturists. Both go hand in hand. Without agriculturists there would be no cultivators of agriculture. Without agriculture there would be no reason for agriculturists.

Charlie Brown and his friends really helped make this blog fun.


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