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Agriculture vs. Mr. Grinch

Agriculture vs. Mr. Grinch


One of my favorite Christmas movies will forever be the Grinch. The other day I was watching my favorite movie, as I started to see similarities between the Grinch and certain organizations that are constantly trying to stop farming. Organizations that have taken extreme measures to gain millions of followers, and then use their followers to picket livestock shows, attack people online, and to teach others their ways. We aren't ever going to get along, and that's fine. What isn't fine is when people bash farmers and ranchers when they have no idea how farmers and ranchers are the people who provide everything. They don't make millions off feeding the world, but they do get millions of people constantly telling them how to do their job. I think it's time we stop biting the hand that feeds us. 

So here is agriculture as told by the Grinch.

Certain organizations just believe that everything farmers do is wrong. When agriculture gets brought up they always have a list of statistics, if you attempt to argue with them you will probably get told you are wrong.

If animal agriculture gets brought up, you are probably going to get to hear about the time they lived on a farm and watched an animal die. Which is why they have decided to go there whole lives without eating or using an animal byproducts. Sadly there are more byproducts that are made out of livestock than they can keep track of. 

Let's not forget about some of the certain organizations that put out some propaganda videos. They show practices of just simple farming, and put on a show. Sad music plays and you get to see how docking a sheep's tail is wrong. Infections I guess are just so much better.

Some of these organizations are sure to tell you that farming is the worst thing, and we should just "get rid of farmers." I'm sure you would still think that as you were starving with no idea on how to grow your own food. They hate farmers, and they make it well known.

Social media is full of groups that tell farmers and ranchers how to do their jobs. Some probably have some sort of farming background, others not so much. If they are showing pictures of bulls and calling them the prettiest heifer they've ever seen, they probably aren't a good group to get your sources from agriculture from.

I don't blame these organizations that do the things they do. If I wasn't exposed to agriculture, and learned through it by an extreme group I would probably be the same way. That's the thing though, you have to remember the reason these people are doing this is because of what they've been allowed to see. Knowledge in agriculture, and trust in farmers and ranchers is needed now more than ever.  Agriculture education is important, and it's easy and free to give to other. 

Without agriculture life would be so different, because there would be no life. Farmers and ranchers provide countless byproducts that have made our lives easier. Let's not forget the food and clothes. We really would be naked and hungry without farmers and ranchers. 

Agriculture is important, and whether you like it or not you depend on it. Farming and ranching is NOT easy, and until you understand why farmers and ranchers do what they do, don't bash them. The only way for you to understand why things get done certain ways, is for you to go visit a farm. Go talk to a farmer and rancher and let them explain things to you. Stop researching through Google and Yahoo answers, and go find out the answers yourself. Farmers and ranchers are people to, and they deserve a lot more respect. 


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