From Ashes to New Beginnings


FFA kids are some of the hardest working kids around.  Whether they pursue public speaking, horticulture, welding, judging, or livestock showing they give it all they've got. So when Morgan Thompson, Hawkins FFA Member, was faced with tragedy, she decided to face it head on and to make a positive out of a negative.  January 27, 2015 was just a normal day for Morgan. She walked to her schools agriculture building, and she could see the fire department and police towards the back of the building. Mr. Shively her Agricultural Education Teacher, informed the class to take their seats and be quite for a moment. "I looked out the front of the office and seen my mom standing their in tears," said Morgan.

Morgan didn't know what to do, but had a bad feeling about the whole situation. "Mr. Shively came into the classroom and handed me his coat, and told me that it was cold outside," said Morgan. She had no idea why he was doing that and had a lot of unanswered questions, but he told her to go outside and talk to her mother.

Morgan's mom began explaining that her prized pig, Wilbur's, heat lamp had shorted out. Her dry hay had caught on fire from a spark from the heat lamp. Morgan decided that she wanted to say goodbyes to her pig Wilbur. "When we walked around the building I seen my boy laying on the hot wet concrete. All was fine until he looked up at me and began to squeal because he recognized who I was," said Morgan.

Morgan kissed Wilbur and said her final goodbyes. Morgan was made fun of at school because she was crying over her pig. "My only reply to them was, get a show animal and you will understand this situation pushed me to work harder and be more successful," said Morgan. 

That was Morgan's first year showing, she now has three great looking show lambs that keep her going.

Sometimes bad things happen, and how you chose to handle them defines who you are. Always try to turn a negative into a positive.

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