Thank You Parents of FFA Members


It's National FFA Week and many FFA members have been thanking the FFA organization for multiple things. I would like to thank the parents of those FFA members who have helped along the way by doing various things for their child and their chapter.

  • Thank you for either inspiring your child to join FFA, or saying, "Go for it" when your child asked if they could or should join. You might have never heard of FFA until your child came home talking about how cool it seemed, and ever since that day you have become a proud parent of an FFA member.
  • Thank you for working countless concession stands, and fundraising events to help the FFA Chapter. It's a lot of work, and it's time consuming. That didn't matter to you, you still took time to help those kids out.
  • Thank you for dragging a trailer full of livestock down the road to the state fair, or taking a van full of kids to a judging competition. You like helping the chapter out, and don't mind spending time with those kids.
  • Thank you for being a chaperon. A dance and convention later, and you still volunteer your time.
  • Thank you for spending those early morning and late nights for competitions. You sit in the stands and cheer the team on.
  • Thank you for pushing your kids to be the best they can be. You watched your child grow in their time spent in FFA, and you pushed them to do their best and be their best.
  • Thank you for helping other kids out. It doesn't matter what the last name is on the jacket, if they share the same hometown, their "your kids."
  • Thank you for not being afraid to get dirty. You didn't mind working the show ring, and helping catch a lose cow. You got your hands dirty anyways.
  • Thank you for being a parent to an FFA member. They might not thank you all the time, but they are thankful for you.

Thank you parents!

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