The Truth About Advocating Agriculture


Advocating agriculture is the most rewarding and frustrating thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Some days my inbox is filled with sweet comments from readers, and other days it’s filled with people who are anti-agriculture and want me to know just how much they don’t like me or my message. So here are some reasons why becoming an AGvocate is tough:

  • There is a lot of misinformation and propaganda floating around on the internet. It just takes one person who knows little to nothing about the agriculture industry to start a riot. The most recent one I watched go viral on social media was a picture of a farmer pulling a stuck calf out of the mother with the headline “this farmer is strangling this calf inside its mother.”
  • It’s hard to educate and not argue sometimes. You can tell people first hand why farmers and ranchers do the things they do, and that person will tell you why those people are wrong.
  • Some people just assume farming and ranching is easy. “Oh you sit on a tractor all day that must be easy.” These people don’t understand the countless hours planting, harvesting, doctoring sick animals, and fixing broken fences and equipment.
  • The movement of “we don’t need agriculture.” I can’t tell you how many things I’ve read over social media saying that we can exist without agriculture. These people claim that they live off the land, and eat nothing but nuts found in trees from a forest.

All of those things are enough to make any agriculturist annoyed and angry. All of the things listed above should make you want to become and AGvocate even more.

So here are the reasons you should become an AGvocate:

  • That moment when you explain agriculture to someone and their face lights up with excitement from this new found knowledge. “Wow, so that’s the difference between a goat and sheep!”
  • The moment you get your community more in touch with agriculture, and especially the organizations that use agriculture to better kids’ lives.
  • The moment you stand your ground and prove your point and the agriculturally lacking become agriculturally informed. “I’ll continue to stand up for the agriculture industry.”
  • When you get messages from farmers and ranchers saying thank you for standing up for the agriculture industry.
  • The most important reason you should become an AGvocate, you should support an industry that feeds and clothes you. An industry that has continued to feed an ever-growing world with constant negativity pushed towards them.

I can tell you that advocating agriculture isn’t easy. There will be days where you will feel like you accomplished nothing, but if you are speaking up for farmers, ranchers, FFA, 4-H, and Grange you are doing so much more than you will ever know. We can't change everyone's views on agriculture, but we can educate them. Spreading some agricultural education is a great start.

I’m an AGvocate, and I will continue to stand for the agriculture industry.

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