Why I Chose Agricultural Communications


My whole life has been driven by being passionate about the agriculture industry. I can honestly tell you that growing up I didn’t even know something like agricultural communications existed. Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian, an agricultural educator, or have my own business doing something in the agriculture industry. My plans seemed to change as I grew into a young adult. When I started college I had heard of this major called agricultural communications and had heard some really interesting things about it, but decided that agricultural business was more for me. After countless business classes and an associate’s degree later, I decided I wanted to give agricultural communications a try.

I chose agricultural communications because that passion for the agriculture industry is something that means so much to me. I have witnessed countless people degrade our hardworking farmers and ranchers. I witness more and more people wanting to know where their food comes from and searching for answers online and through Yahoo Answers. I see the disconnection between our producers and consumers growing more and more every day.

Pursing a degree in agricultural communications has given me the tools needed to advocate agriculture in an entertaining and educational way. I’ve taken countless classes in marketing, design, photography, and writing. Each one of those classes I use to advocate agriculture and shine that positive spotlight back on the agriculture industry.

I chose agricultural communications because I wanted to make a positive impact for our farmers and ranchers. I go to school, learn some neat ways to advocate to the general public, and then share what I’ve learned on Raised in a Barn. I’ve shared countless ways and ideas on how to become an AGvocate.

I’m expanding my knowledge on communications, and furthering my love of agriculture through agricultural communications.

I am excited to see where this major takes me after graduation next year. I know that the skills acquired so far has created a great platform for agriculturists around the world, from a blog called Raised in a Barn.

I encourage the high school kids to look up this major and see if it would be something they might be interested in.

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