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To Those Who Say Agriculture Isn't Important

Agriculture isn’t important is the biggest lie people can tell themselves. To those that have taken it upon themselves to tell the youth to find a career elsewhere, this blog is for you. I hope you read it word for word, and I encourage you to question the youth about why they love agriculture and want to pursue a career in it. I’m sure the answers will make you think again. Through Raised in a Barn I have heard countless stories and watched firsthand agriculture help kids through tough times. I’ve watched kids begin showing livestock through FFA, 4-H, or Grange and become more responsible. I've witnessed kids who had never been passionate about anything, find a passion in FFA, 4-H, and Grange. I’ve watched youth band together and help their community through some awful times.

You say  FFA, 4-H, and Grange are pointless. You think there is no career in agriculture, so why have these “pointless” programs. Agricultural education, farming, Veterinarian, agribusiness, soil scientist, landscape supervisor, horticulturalist, animal husbandry, equine scientist, agricultural economist, agricultural engineering, food scientist, landscape architecture, natural resource ecology, and international agriculture. I could fill up countless pages of jobs within the agriculture industry but I’m sure you get the point. Each job within the agriculture industry is important, and when you tell a kid to not chose agriculture, you are telling someone who could make a huge difference in the world to do something else.

Organizations like FFA, 4-H, or Grange use agriculture to help kids find their calling, and to obtain the necessary skills needed in today’s world. They learn public speaking, teamwork, and how to succeed at whatever they choose to do. These organizations are built on bettering youth’s lives by keeping them involved.

I understand that you just don’t get it. You think that agriculture is pointless, and you continue telling the youth to do something else. You continue to fight for cuts in agricultural education, and you continue to stop some kids from finding their passion in life.

Growing up I received criticism from people when I said I wanted to go into agriculture. I was teased about it ,but it didn't detour me from my calling in life. It made me want it more. Every time you tell a student about how their love in agriculture is pointless, 9 times out of 10 they are going to work harder to prove you wrong. I know I did, and I think the people who teased me about my love for the agriculture industry aren’t laughing anymore.

People that say agriculture isn’t important tend to forget about all of the things that agriculture contributes to. Its food, fuel, fiber, and life.

To the youth that are facing criticism about wanting to pursue a career in agriculture, don’t let one person determine what you are passionate about. They don’t get to choose your calling in life, you do.

To those who are giving these kids a hard time, please remember food is a big deal. Don’t degrade these kids because they want to be farmers. Farming is vital.

Next time you think about saying something to these kids, remember the clothes you are wearing, and the meal you just ate, and think to yourself where that came from.

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Who I am: Karly Hanson

Who I am: Karly Hanson

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