Budget Cuts in Oklahoma's schools


This is a hard one to talk about guys, budget cuts is what no one wants to hear about it’s a12-10-15sfp-f7 ‘hush hush’ subject but today I’m throwing out the ‘hush hush’ and going to tell you how it effects ag in Oklahoma’s schools.

In February 2016 everyone was nervously waiting to see how much the state legislatures would cut for the 2016-2017 school year and when we found out that number hit us hard, for the 2016-2017 school years we will be having a 1.3 billon short fall, which amounts to 20% of last year’s budget. Schools are forced to lay off teachers, cut classes, and even shorten school weeks to four days.

ok FFANow how does this affect Ag? Well many schools are being forced to cut Ag as a class and others are receiving thousands of dollars in budget cuts. One Ag teacher told me that he received a 1,000 dollar cut, which would’ve gone to a new truck so he could haul livestock and take the students to and from competitions.


Ag or FFA will always survive because we raise our own money. In various fundraisers throughout the school year. Many FFA chapters have a booster club who help with money issues. All in all Oklahoma is sadly rank 49th in the U.S. because of its horrendous budget cuts in education.


Thank you for reading- Gabrielle Lambert your Oklahoma representative.





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