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Famous People Who Were In Ag And Still Support It

Famous People Who Were In Ag And Still Support It



  • Trace Adkins: Singer-FFA
  • Tim McGraw: Singer-FFA
  • Brantley Gilbert: Singer-FFA
  • Taylor Swift: Singer-FFA
  • Tom Wopat: Actor-FFA
  • Jim Davis: Creator of Garfield-FFA
  • Julia Roberts: Actor-4H
  • Roy Rogers: Singer/Actor-4H


  • Jimmy Carter: Former U.S. president-FFA
  • Sam Brownback: Governor of KS/U.S senetor-FFA
  • Conrad Burns: U.S. Senator-4H
  • Rosalynn Carter: Former First Lady-4H


  • Jordan Gross: Pro Football-FFA
  • Richard “Tuff” Hedemen: Pro Bull Rider-FFA
  • Bo Jackson: Pro Football/Baseball player-FFA
  • Reeves: Basketball player-FFA
  • Kent Benson: NBA player-4H


All of these people were in the association listed next to them. They all strongly support ag!




IMG_1547Montana Lehman


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