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A Letter to FFA Members

Being involved in the FFA is one of the best decisions you will make. Through this organization you make lifelong friendships, develop leadership abilities, and so much more. Here are a few things I want you to remember.  

It goes by so fast.

One day you’re zipping up your jacket for the first time, or preparing for your first CDE, and at that time it doesn’t seem like a very big deal because it seems like you have all the time in the world. Take it from me, even though you think you have a ton of time in this organization, you don’t. It goes by faster than you think.


Take advantage of every opportunity.

Whether you’re a greenhand or a senior, one thing I cannot stress enough is to not be afraid of failure. If you’re scared to fail, you will miss so many opportunities in your FFA career. If I would have let my fear of failure stop me from giving my first speech, I would not be giving speeches at so many different places now. You have to realize that sometimes you will fail, and you might fail more than you succeed but you can’t let that stop you. The FFA will help you grow so much if you take advantage of every opportunity.


Be a rolemodel.

There is always someone looking up to you. If you are an upperclassman and see a greenhand struggling, go up and talk to them. More than likely you were just as scared your first year as they are. If it wasn’t for the upperclassmen encouraging me to do everything FFA related my freshmen year, I wouldn’t be as involved or have such as strong passion for the FFA like I do now. Asking someone to go to a chapter fun night or encouraging them to try a new CDE could mean the world to them and light a passion in their heart for FFA and Agriculture.


Set an example.

Put yourself out there. Show the younger members that it’s not dorky to scream, run around, and sing at the top of your lungs! Let them see that you’re their FFAmily and that they can trust you. You won’t remember the FFA events where you sit back on your phone hiding from possibly making yourself look weird in front of your chapter, but instead you will remember (and probably will be reminded all the time by your advisor and friends) about the events where you put yourself out there and did something weird! Take advantage of every opportunity and have fun because when it’s all said and done, you’re gonna miss this.


Your advisors will always help you.

Our FFA advisors are pretty much like our second parents. They are always there for us and always have our backs. They do so much for us, and don’t get paid nearly enough for it. They help us with contests, applications, and so much more. They take us all over the country, and never complain one time about it. They somehow make those long car rides the most memorable and fun. Whether it is bringing up that state officer that you have a crush on, or dancing and singing along to the weirdest songs, every car ride is more fun than the last. My advisor is my biggest role model and is the reason I want to become an ag educator myself. We will never be able to thank our advisors enough for all they do. Like Raised in a Barn on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter/Snapchat @raisedbarn. We are on Pinterest @inabarn

I'm Sarah! I'm a senior in high school! I grew up in Oklahoma, but moved to Kansas the middle of my sophomore year. I have been in 4-H, and I'm very active in FFA. I am currently serving as my chapters treasurer. I show pigs. When I graduate, I plan to attend Oklahoma State or K-State and major in Ag Education! Fun fact, I love llamas! 
State: Kansas


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