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Andrea Vandever-Moore Introduction

“What are three words that your friends would use to describe you?” When I got this question in an FFA interview it threw me off. I wasn’t quite sure how they would describe me. So I said “Loud, Caring, and Clever”. But honestly, I’m not quite sure if that’s how they describe me because that’s how I describe me. So for this introductory blog I decided to end my curiosity and ask a couple friends how they would describe me in three words.

Natalie – Dedicated, Funny and Hard Working

Hannah– Ag, Outgoing, and Caring

Micah – Super Funny, Trustworthy, and Amazing

*Side note – if you are ever having a bad day or feeling down, ask your friends how they describe you and it will help, I promise*

So now you know how some of my friends describe me, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Andrea Vandever-Moore and I hail from the great state of Kansas. I’m a senior in high school and heavily involved in the local 4-H club and the FFA chapter at our school. Upon graduating, I’m going to Kansas State University and majoring in agriculture education!

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Between 4-H, FFA, becoming a Raised in a Barn Representative (yay!!), cheer, college, high school, 4-H fair board, 4-H county ambassador, 4-H junior leader, being in charge of Junior High FFA at my school and many other activities, I show and raise cattle. I primarily show crossbred steers and I raise commercial Angus with my uncle on his Commercial Cow/Calf Operation. I have two steers and two heifers as of right now. I have a crossbred club calf named Captain, an Angus National Western Catch-A-Calf (that’s a story for another time) named Crown, and two commercial heifers named Pearl and Belle! This year I went to 10 spring beef shows from April to June, which is about one every weekend, 3 different county fairs with Captain, I will be heading down to Decatur, Texas the first weekend of September, will be attending and showing for the first time at Kansas Junior Livestock Show, and will also show at the American Royal and National Western.

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However, there are times when I stand on the opposite end as I judge livestock. Judging livestock is one of my favorite pastimes and the very first time I competed at a CDE (career development event), my ag teacher put me in questions. Afterwards I came up to him begging to never be put in questions again and said that I wanted to do reasons. He was completely taken aback and said okay. The next contest I did, I went on to receive a 42 on my very first set of reasons ever.

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Through FFA and the public speaking CDE that I also participate in, I have gained many different skills. However, one of the best skills and qualities that I’ve gained from being an agvocate, is becoming a representative for the awesome Raised in a Barn blog! Not only that I’m super excited to start blogging and sharing my tips and tricks as an agvocate that I’ve learned! I’m so blessed and grateful for this opportunity and I’m excited to start this new journey!

Thank you everyone!

Andrea Vandever-Moore

Kansas RIAB Rep

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