My FFA Experience


Just this past July, the Hawkins FFA officer team and Lone Star recipients attended the 88th Annual Texas FFA State Convention in Dallas, Texas. The event was scheduled just days after the horrible tragedy of 5 DPD officers being killed. More than 9,000 FFA members came together to attend this annual event. Instead of being fearful, laying down, and giving up all we had worked hard for, we as Texas FFA members showed up and supported the DPD, elected our new state officers and, competed at the state level in many events. We simply convened to meet new people and award each other for all of the FFA’s outstanding accomplishments. By raising over $13,000 the Texas FFA Association was able to show their support for the families of the 5 police officers that gave their lives the previous week. The Hawkins FFA chapter got the honor of meeting and talking to 5 Dallas Police Officers that were guarding their station because of the events that had previously taken place. These police officers were very thankful for the simple hugs and handshakes that we gave them that night. Not only did we speak with the DPD officers but also while having a small meeting in our hotel we ran across three New Jersey police officers that were in Dallas to attend the memorial service of the 5 fallen officers. While chatting and learning from these three officers we all learned a very valuable lesson. We learned that we can never live our lives in fear because every chance we do not take is a chance wasted. With all that went on, Hawkins FFA got the honor of watching Grant Hennious, Katlyn Dunn, Haley Cook, and Cain Austin walk across the glorious stage so they could each receive the highest degree in the Texas FFA, the Lone Star! While at convention we were able to hear guest speakers Rick Rigsby, and Tom Maynard who gave each and every FFA member the motivation they needed to succeed in life. This week was a week to remember and Hawkins FFA was honored to spend it with Hawkins ISD’s new FFA advisors, Mrs. Cari Mills, and Mr. Ian Zeringue! The FFA is a great organization and its full of new opportunities! While every person in the FFA has their differences its always great to come together and award ourselves and our peers for our great accomplishments. The FFA teaches valuable lessons and teaches values such as integrity, respectfulness, responsibility, hard work and simple citizenship. This organization may seem like a bunch of hard work but believe me there is tons of fun! There is almost never a dull moment when you are in the midst of FFA activities. Just always remember the blue corduroy jacket not only symbolizes the state you are from but the person that is wearing the jacket is where it all begins. From the moment you put that jacket over your shoulders to the moment you hang it up during your retiring address you are apart of something great and you can always cherish that for the rest of your life. Like Raised in a Barn on Facebook. Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram at raisedbarn. Pinterest @inabarn.


unnamed (1).pngMorgan Thompson - Texas