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Meet Taylor

Hey, y’all! My name is Taylor Selby-Pinegar and I call The Hawkeye State home. I was born and raised in Iowa and have been around agriculture my whole life! In our state it’s hard to avoid, even the city kids know some basics. I’m active in my high school’s FFA chapter and am incredibly excited for this new opportunity Raised In A Barn has given me! I hope to not only broaden Raised In A Barn’s influence in my state and AGvocate for the field I love, but to also have fun learning and growing with this amazing group of people who all share a passion for agriculture! I should tell you guys a little about me so I’ll start with the fact that I can be a very sarcastic and comical person when providing commentary on something despite generally being the quiet kid. You generally can’t find me without a mug of strong, straight, black coffee no matter the time of day and certainly not before 10. My favorite color is the lime green of the Monster Energy® symbol, my favorite modern music artist is William Michael Morgan and favorite older artists include the greats like George Strait, Garth Brooks, Johnny, Willie, Hank, and Waylon.

I was originally interested primarily in the equine and veterinary aspects of agriculture because I grew up with my aunt and cousins completely revolving around horses. I learned how to ride entirely on my own when I was seven and grew into the smallest saddle they had but my aunt had been throwing me up on horses with my older cousins since I was two, I showed in my first leadline class when I was six and my love for horses was ignited. My aunt taught agribusiness at one of the smaller community colleges in northeast Iowa and when I was 10 managed to get me into a continuing ed course through Iowa State University called Master Equine Management. I was the youngest person ever to not only enroll in but also complete the course and earn my certification and became the fuel behind their creation of a junior certification for juniors and seniors in high school, but as I’ve grown older my interests have shifted to a much broader view including beef cattle and mechanics!

When I was in middle school I made the decision to join FFA my freshman year and I can easily say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! In two short years my advisor and chapter mates have made a huge, and in my opinion, lasting impact in my life. They’ve taught me not only to never give up among many other amazing lessons that I’ll never forget they’ve helped me come out of my shell and become more confident not only in my leadership skills but also simply in myself. They’ve taken my passion for agriculture and turned what was once simply a small, steady burning fire into a raging bonfire, pushing me to my goals and into opportunities I wouldn’t have strived for previously.

If you have any questions about myself or the agriculture in my state feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or over email at nichols2018@ecsdcards.com. I’d love to answer your questions!

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Promoting Agricutural Education

Promoting Agricutural Education

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