The Agriculture Educator that Inspired Me

IMG_2550.JPG When I was a freshman there was no way I was joining FFA, I mean I was too busy with 4-H and band as it was, did I really need ANOTHER thing on my plate? Well apparently I did because the end of my freshman year I met a man that convinced me that my place was in that Ag room and in the FFA. That man was none other than my current agriculture teacher Mr. Ted Fulgham. His outgoing personality and constant support inspire me each and every day, I can only hope to inspire others like he’s inspired me. Ted Fulgham was born and raised in a small town in Montana. He was involved in 4-H until he was through high school, but was unable to join FFA since his school did not have an FFA a program and still doesn’t to this day. After high school he spent some time in the military where his favorite travel memory, that isn’t FFA related, was when he was in Mississippi helping with the floods in 1993. After his years of service, Mr. Fulgham attended Montana State University in Bozeman Montana and receive his degree in agriculture education. To this day he is a proud bobcat and is excited when his students tell him they are accepted there. As for family, Mr. Fulgham is married to a 3rd grade teacher that works in the Sidney school system and has four boys. Mr. Fulgham was kind enough to let me ask even more questions in one day and shared some of his experiences in agriculture education. He was first inspired to go into agriculture education because of his 4-H background, as he went through 4-H he dealt with a lot of people that helped put that spark into him that eventually helped light the fire for his career choice. Later on he talked to some of his friends who thought he would fit into the position, after taking an aptitude test giving the same result it was a done deal. As he went through his schooling he was introduced to the FFA and what is was about and became even more excited about his future. When asked what he liked most about his job one word came out of his mouth, “variety.” “There’s never a same year or even day that goes by. I see 70-120 different students and each time there is something new and exciting”, stated Fulgahm. When asked what he liked least on the other hand, “Time commitment. The time away from family.” Through everything that he goes through Mr. Fulgham is still able to do everything that he can and still loves his job. For anyone that wants to pursue an agriculture education career Mr. Fulgham gives the advice of “Just go for it, make it your own but, don’t ‘reinvent the wheel’, make changes but not too many. The FFA is a great program, and teachers, not just agriculture teachers, make a difference no matter what it may seem.” Thank you Mr. Fulgham for inspiring me and other students every day.

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