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Pen Pals for FFA, 4-H, and Grange

Pen Pals for FFA, 4-H, and Grange


Hailey Mason wanted to learn more about agriculture in other states. As the President of the Greenville FFA Chapter, she decided to create a unique supervised agricultural experience/SAE. In today's world not very many kids write letters when they can write a text message. That didn't stop Hailey from starting her pen pal project.

The idea started when Hailey seen a post from a girl from New York. The girl likes to write to people, and Hailey  was interested in being her pen pal when the idea came to her. She began looking for pen pals by making friends and contacting people. She had made 10 new pen pals within one hour.

Hailey had started an instant chain reaction and had many members wanting to participate in connecting with others members.

"Learning I've inspired others to do the same really makes me feel special," said Hailey.

Her project consists of connecting youth involved in agriculture programs around the world. So far around 60 members participate from around the United States. Even one person from Puerto Rico has joined in.

"I never thought doing something I enjoy this much would be my SAE," said Hailey.

This project was started at the end of May this year, and Hailey wishes to continue growing this. So far there is a person for almost every state.

"My goal in this project is to inspire, learn, and let my name be known in the ag world," said Hailey.

Hailey now hopes that more than just FFA members will participate. She hopes to see 4-H and Grange members join the project as well.

To get involved in this project you can email Hailey at Masonh@greenville.k12.ny.us, or you can direct message her on Facebook. 

Hailey has been an FFA member since sixth grade.  She has held four chapter offices, was the reporter for two years in middle school ,and she was a student advisor last year. She competes in prepared speaking, extemporaneous speaking, Equine judging, landscaping and parliamentary procedure. She is running for district 2 president in May for New York. 

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