15 Things You Never Thought You'd Say or Do Before Becoming an Ag Teacher


For National Teach Ag Day I took the opportunity to interview my ag teacher Mr. Irving about some things he never thought he'd say before entering this field. Our classroom is pretty notorious for the funny moments that occur so I knew this would be a good one. Mr. Irving even keeps a section of our whiteboard dedicated to, "Memorable Moments," as we call them. So, without further ado, 15 things he never thought he'd say or do before becoming an ag teacher.

  1. “Don’t try to eat dirt!”
  2. “Why’s your finger stuck in the table?!”
  3. “At this point, I’d rather listen to Nickleback.”
  4. “What is this music? It’s toilet noise.”
  5. “I’m going to break a whole shelf of beakers…”
  6. “I’m not your dad. Don’t call me dad.”
  7. Get slag out of a student’s eye.
  8. Remove birds from shop
  9. Have a bow put in my hair
  10. Sing “A Whole New World” in class
  11. Called mama
  12. Had a class write my dad a letter and send him a card
  13. Explain the difference between a meter stick and yardstick
  14. Geek out about Star Wars instead of teaching class (it continued over 2 days, multiple class periods, and even included scribbled diagrams and timelines on the board)
  15. “I am a no distance runner, ever. The only reasons I run are if I’m being chased by a bear, shot at, or if there’s steak on the buffet line.”

Compiled by your Iowa representative, Taylor. I hope you guys got as many laughs out of this as I did!

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