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When Raised in a Barn was started, my main goal was to educate the general public about the agriculture industry. It was tough and some days brutal. Those bad days were always met by people who inspired me to keep going. People that continue to amaze me today. To be honest, I personally don't know every person that Raised in a Barn has done a featured story over. Sometimes these people would message me, other times I would see their story and know that others needed to hear it.

I have learned about people falling off a horse and saddling back up. I have received messages from people who had their barns burnt to the ground, and they lost all of their livestock. They were devastated but they used those sorrows and rebuilt their dreams. I have witnessed kids that are amazingly selfless, and after losing a classmate they raised money to help their peers family. Those people inspired other who were facing the same challenges, and reminded everyone else that we all face obstacles.

Why am I talking about this?

Because inspiration is what the agriculture industry needs. It's days where we feel like giving up, that we need to get up. 

We are trying to rebuild a bridge between producer and consumer from winning arguments online. We are scared to say anything to our friends and families that degrade farming, because we don't want to start a fight.

We all need one thing. Inspiration.

We need to be inspiring both sides to rebuild that bridge.

It's tough. Trust me, I understand. AGvocating is difficult, but it's difficult because many don't want to say anything. Which is making it more difficult for the ones who chose to.

As a 21 year old with a blog following of 30,000 people, I understand being scared to say something. You aren't always going to be able to connect with others, but always be respectful. Inspire others through your actions.

There isn't a manual of what to do or what not to do on AGvocating, or even a magic wand.There is however, countless agriculturist around the world facing the same challenges. It's going to take everyone working together.

It might seem pointless to AGvocate, but it's never pointless to support our farmers and ranchers. These hardworking men and women are under constant scrutiny, and they have a difficult job of feeding the world.

Inspire those around you to help build the bridge back. Not everyone is going to help, and not everyone is going to agree with how to fix the problem. It's not going to be easy, but we need to reconnect.

Thank you to agriculturists everywhere for providing food, fuel, fiber, and life. Without you there would be nothing.

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