An Open Letter to my Officer Team

To the unforgettable characters I spend my year(s) of service with:

We all know that a bond between an officer team is so much stronger than just being in the chapter together. On the team we are trusted with making decisions to help make our chapter better. We bond over these decisions and start to get what each other wants to see in the chapter. More members, more fundraising, even more community interaction. Each of us has our goals and all of us want to see each other succeed.

We were all elected into our positions, some as first time officers, others moving up in ranks. When elected onto a new team there’s that excitement of being a part of a new page in the chapter history, none of us know how the new year will go but we will try to make it the best we have ever had. Our first real bonding as a team all starts on the officer retreat, whether it be a day trip or a week trip by the end we all become a little bit closer. After the late night discussions, I felt a little more comfortable. After the whole retreat I was prepared to always speak my mind because the moment I don’t, problems occur. We all have the skills and passion to make our year amazing and we are prepared to make it just that. The unforgettable team was ready to take on the chapter.

All of you by now have become my family, brothers and sisters ready to annoy each other and have each other’s backs. I am never afraid of doing something because I know I will have support behind me. Even though we all support each other there are some arguments but once we have a “heart to heart” to get all the feelings out we seem to be right back where we started. You all are a bunch of crazy characters that I probably spend too much time with, but every time we are together it’s unforgettable. The laughs we share and sometimes the serious times are always in my mind and I’m always looking forward to more memories for they will be with me for the rest of my life.

Eventually, we will see seniors graduate and as we move up younger members will fill in our old places but, each and every team is unique and wonderful. I may be a part of a few teams in my career and each one of them holds a special spot in my heart. For without these officer opportunities, I may have had more time for other things but something would be missing. What would be missing is a bunch of people that became family by chance. I thank each and every person I am on an officer team with for the lessons they have taught me and the support they have shown me through my years. I will truly love you all and love to see you succeed

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