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Eight Thoughts When You Win

Eight Thoughts When You Win


This year I have done incredible with showing and honestly haven't had a clear thought in the past two days from all of the showing going on. I show both pygmy goats and dairy goats and this year I have taken more first than I have ever taken before. There have been so many thoughts and emotions going on but there were a few that keep going through my head still. I even saw it while at my county fairs market goat show this year. So here are eight thoughts that go through your head when you place high. 1. Did this just happen?

Of course this is the first thought that happens because in the moment that you are given your award you are in utter shock. It isn't as I'd you didn't work for it but more so the fact that you can't believe it actually happened.

2. It did just happen!

You are finally realizing that you have won and coming out of shock and can't quit smiling. 3. I did it! I did it! I did it!

Yes you did do it. All of your hours that you put in paid off and made for an incredible out come and you can't help but think of how you are feeling.

4. Thank you so much for working with me as a pair. ( while looking at your animal)

You can't take credit one hundred percent for this win because without your animal You wouldn't be able to show. Also you have to work well with your animal to be able to do anything in the show ring with it. 5. I can't stop smiling.

No you really can't stop smiling and sometimes you almost start to cry actual tears of joy because you are in a place that actually shows how hard you have worked for this win.

6. The hard work paid off.

There really isn't much to explain with this one because hard work will almost always pay off and be worth it in the end. Without hard work you can't get to where you want to be and that is what drove you to put in all of those late nights in the barn with your animals.

7. I need to definitely thank the judge and talk to them.

This is a thought that comes to you more often as you get older because you realize that it really is the judge who sees your hard work and without them there wouldn't be a show. It also is always fun to find out what the judge enjoyed most during the show and to see them smile when you thank them.

8. I shouldn't have been so nervous before the show.

Everyone has pre-show nerves. Some people almost cry, some can't eat and it is almost always because they are so nervous about how they are going to do. But at the end of the show you are remembering how much work and effort you put in and see that you actually were more prepared than what you thought you were.


Sarah Doner, Ohio

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