The Man Who Influenced Hundreds


On July 15th 2016 a very influential passed away. Mr. Bryan Lusk from the Sugar- Salem FFA chapter in Sugar City Idaho taught Agriculture education for many years. As I started to prepare and think of things I should do for Teach AG day I started to think about Mr. Lusk who inspired me to be the AGvocate I am today. Mr. Lusk taught me much but taught others lots to today for Teach AG day I would like to share some of the lessons the wise Mr. Lusk taught me and his students. Being from the Madison FFA chapter I only got to see Mr. Lusk at district events, the county fair state leadership conference, and State CDE events.  One day sticks out in my head extraordinarily well when I think about Mr. Lusk. Over spring break Sugar-Salem was still in school so I took one day to go be his shadow for an afternoon. On this day I learned the patience it takes to be an agriculture educator as his first class started it took close to 20 minutes to get the students to stop talking and to go help transplant the flowers but even then kids complained about the dirt on their hands and many other problems Mr. Lusk never lost patience he always smiled and continued to help all his students while making a friendship with each one of them. The other thing I learned from Mr. Lusk was positivity it didn’t matter what happened during the day Mr. Lusk would always greet you with a friendly face, and tell you his days are always good.

Mr. Lusk didn’t just teach life skills he taught many Ag wonders to having not been in his classes at school I would not be able to tell you what magical wonders he taught in the classroom but from what he showed  me I would infer that his classroom lectures involved stories from growing up on the family farm,  driving tractor with his sister at age 3. To the long jogs he took around the farm to inspect fence, crops or other various farm jobs all while practicing for his next track meet.

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MR Lusk helped grow an AGvocate in many members of the FFA not by his words but by his deeds he seemed to appear when you felt down and he would raise you up. He wouldn’t give you success but he climbed with you. He taught many the work ethic needed in the world today but he did so by example he worked and hoped others would follow the example. Mr. Lusk was the AGvocate that many of us need to be around so we could understand the true joy of agriculture life. Mr. Lusk always loved to help those growing around him. He was the Man to influence hundreds of anxious AGvocates.

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Randy Clements - Idaho Raised in a Barn Representative.