40 Reasons to be Thankful for FFA, 4-H, and Grange

Joining FFA, 4-H, or Grange is a great think for youth to do. These three organizations are life changing and provide kids with the skills needed to be successful in whatever they chose to do.

So here are 40 reasons to be thankful for FFA, 4-H, and Grange:

  1. For the friendships made.
  2. The time spent with your team, family, and friends.
  3. The time spent laughing, and crying as a team.
  4. The inspirational and motivational talks from your advisor.
  5. The long road trips.
  6. The countless speeches that helped you overcome your fear of public speaking.
  7. The memories made.
  8. The championships collected.
  9. The time spent carrying on a tradition.
  10. Helping you set goals.
  11. Helping you reach your goals.
  12. For being a part of an organization that cares about your future.
  13. For helping you care about your future.
  14. Helping you realize the importance of farming and ranching.
  15. Beginning a new tradition for your family.
  16. Helping your family bond on the long road trips.
  17. Being able to travel around the United States, and letting the jacket be your own personal passport.
  18. Teaching you how to grow your own food.
  19. Teaching you where your food comes from.
  20. Teaching you how to be a leader.
  21. Equipping you with the skills needed to be successful in whatever you chose to do in your life.
  22. Helping you grow as a person.
  23. Learning the importance of helping your community and those around you.
  24. Teaching you what good sportsmanship is.
  25. Being a token that inspired you to be the best you can be.
  26. Bringing influential people into your life.
  27. Helping you find your calling in life.
  28. Being a positive influence on you.
  29. Being there when it felt like no one was.
  30. For teaching you how to think critically.
  31. Keeping you out of trouble.
  32. The late nights spent in the barn, or practicing for competitions.
  33. The early mornings spent preparing for livestock shows, rodeos, and upcoming competitions.
  34. For the time you opened the box and first put your FFA/4-H jacket, or Grange vest.
  35. The times you felt classy in your official dress.
  36. The late nights at state conventions laughing and eating pizza with your friends.
  37. The time spent talking to your advisor/leader about your life goals.
  38. Knowledge gained.
  39. For being a big part of your life.
  40. The years spent doing something you love.


The list could go on and on, but I will just leave it here. To the present members, enjoy the time spent. To the parents unsure of letting their kids join, please read this list and realize that it can make a difference in a kids life.

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